Entrance doors made of glass are a demonstration of new production technologies, a combination of strength and elegance. Thanks to their construction features and ability to harmonize with any material, they attract more and more attention of modern architects.




For quite some time now, glass entrance doors have been installed as an aesthetic and functional element on objects such as these:


       ●              shops, supermarkets and other commercial premises, in the design of which an open view is important;

       ●              offices where such products act as the company’s business card;

       ●              sports complexes;

       ●              business centres;

       ●              hotels, casinos and other public places where a representative look is important.


Various techniques of toning and drawing on the glass surface create a bright and original decorative element, which, despite its external fragility, has sufficient reliability.  Glass doors for home are both an additional source of light and a great way to visually expand the space in the entrance hall. Finally, sliding door repair technicians can fix any door without worrying




As a rule, such products are classified by type of opening, which allows to distinguish the following varieties:


Swing openers


Side fixed to the wall or box are most commonly used in residential or office environments. In the second case, they may be part of a partition made of glass or any other material. Due to their wide design possibilities, they can be installed in any interior. In addition, when used in offices, glass structures can be complemented by access control devices, electromagnetic locks and other protective mechanisms.


In office rooms are often installed aluminum glass doors swing type – the frame of such units is made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant metal. It is not recommended to install this type of product in buildings with high passability.




In crowded places (shopping and exhibition centres, entrance areas to business centres, etc.) automatic glass doors are used, which are opened and closed by means of an automatic drive. Typically, they respond to the approach of a person, but can also open by a signal from the remote control.




Similar variants represent designs which open, leaving aside that allows to save space of a premise. Their sliding fragments made of the tempered glass are decorated by an engraving, the press, matting, and in some cases are added with deaf canvases.


A special feature of the products is their movement along a guide rail, which can be attached to the ceiling or floor. The guiding profile is made of stainless steel or aluminium. Glass sliding doors are used in offices, dressing rooms, offices, rooms with high humidity (e.g. in swimming pools).




As a rule, such constructions are installed in buildings with high cross-country ability: administrative and public institutions, shops, offices, car dealerships, hotels, etc. Opening in both directions, they are equipped with door closers that bring the sashes back to their original position.


The glass doors are pendulum-type in single or double leaf versions and, if necessary, are equipped with a rebate profile, which protects the leaf from impacts and prevents the entry of street garbage into the building.




Among the advantages of such constructions are the following features:


       ●              elegant author’s design, modern appearance;

       ●              visual extension of the space;

       ●              leave a feeling of zoning, while providing the necessary overview;

       ●              combination with any materials: wood, metal, stone;

       ●              safety: the products are made of durable, heat-treated material, thanks to which glass fire doors with fire-resistant qualities are often used in representative offices;

       ●              easy to use, easy to clean, can be used in humid environments.





No matter how sturdy the glass is, it can be classified as the lowest burglary resistance class. The structure of this material is fragile and therefore not suitable for reliable protection of the room. Rather, translucent doors are an element of modern, practical design in public buildings and a convenient addition to the main entrance structure in residential buildings.


Shortcomings of glass models:


       ●              beatings with sharp objects at the end can damage the fabric (but sliding glass door repair Fort Lauderdale will definitely help);

       ●              high weight;

       ●              high cost;

       ●              complex installation technology requires the involvement of highly qualified installers;

       ●              unsteadiness to drilling;

       ●              any contamination of the glass surface makes the structure untidy.



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