Flyscreens vs. security screens – a practical guide


If you’re considering whether to invest in new flyscreens or security screens then you need to read this guide.

However, whether you choose a reputable supplier of fly screens Sydney or opt for security screens, you should ensure that you’re purchasing a quality product. This is a more cost-effective approach as the screens will last longer and are likely to do their job better.

The Fly Screen

A fly screen is a very fine mesh, designed to allow air to move through but not flies and other insects. The mesh is tightly woven to prevent these pests from being able to get through and into your home.

Although you can purchase the mesh and make your own frame and screens, it’s normal and easier to buy them ready-made. You’ll need to know the size of your windows. The fly screens will be slightly larger and clip into place. Magnets are often used to hold them securely there.

The idea is that you can get the breeze into your home without having to deal with the pests. Of course, the fly screen will increase the privacy in your home as it is harder to see through from a distance. Up close you’ll barely even notice it being there. But, the fly screen is not a security screen, it’s not designed to keep intruders out.

It is very effective at keeping flies out. Considering the array of diseases that flies can carry you’ll find this is a useful investment for any home.

Security Screens

In contrast, security screens are much more heavy-duty. They will be made from much stronger materials. That means the mesh part of the screen will be made from metal and the frame is also likely to be metal. A security screen will be bolted to hinges and have the capability of being locked shut.

The mesh on these screens will keep flies and other pests out while increasing the airflow into your house. That makes them beneficial for hot days. But, the mesh is also designed to keep humans out.

This makes them the ideal solution if you want air in your home but live in an area with questionable safety.

A security screen will add an extra layer of protection against intruders and give you peace of mind. At the same time, you’ll be able to lock the screen and leave the door behind open if you’re at home or even on a short trip to the shops. The security screen will protect your home in the same way that your door normally does.

In fact, when choosing a security screen you should make sure that it complies with your insurance standards. This can potentially reduce your insurance cost while improving the protection your house enjoys against unwanted visitors.

It’s a great way to get peace of mind and help you to stay cool.

In short, if security is not an issue but flies are, you’ll want a fly screen. But, if you’re worried about security, choose the security screen. It’s more expensive but worth it.







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