First Impressions Count: Maintenance for the Outside of Your Property


First Impressions Count: Maintenance for the Outside of Your Property

It takes just 65 minutes for British house hunters to decide to buy a home, with initial impressions taking just seconds to form. It’s a competitive market out there, so you’d be surprised how simple maintenance techniques can give you an edge and help your property to stand out. By paying attention to the exterior of the house, visitors will be entering the property full of optimism, and there is a better chance of them seeing this as their perfect home. Greet the prospective buyers outside with a smile and a confident handshake, then let your well-maintained property do the talking from there.

Guttering and Drains

One of the most important maintenance requirements of any building’s exterior is the guttering. As debris accrues, it will weigh the gutters down until they break or become misshapen. This will instantly leave the buyer feeling like your property has work to be done or wasn’t properly looked after. If you want to learn more about caring for your exterior guttering, click to read relevant information here.

Fix Cracked Paths and Trim Overgrown Greenery

Nothing suggests an old, unloved home more than a driveway full of cracks. It might be perfectly usable, but it gives the impression of a neglected property that needs work doing. Fill in any cracks yourself or find a professional to repave the whole thing before putting the property on the market. Similarly, trim the hedges to give the whole front of the home a cleaner image.

A Fresh Lick of Paint Will Boost Your Image

There is a growing trend towards buying products second hand. That’s great when it comes to saving money and putting less strain on the environment. Furthermore, in the property market, buying used is of course accepted as almost always necessary. However, most people are still drawn to something that at least feels new. It somehow seems like better value for money, so they’ll spend more on something that seems fresh and unused. To achieve this on your home, simply repaint the whole exterior. The property will instantly stand out among neighbouring houses as a new and exciting living environment.

Selling a house requires attention to detail. There is no better place to begin than the exterior to ensure the most positive first impression possible. Fix gutters, repave the driveway, mow the front lawn, and repaint the walls. These simple fixes will instantly boost your home’s first impression, making it seem more valuable and increasing your chance of landing a buyer.

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