Fireplace Design Ideas 2019


Fireplace Design Ideas 2019

There’s nothing like a fireplace during the chilly fall and winter months. It warms you up faster than a heater, and the glow of real fire sets a lovely, cozy mood. Fireplace installations or updates are especially tempting as this time of year approaches. Looking at recent fireplace design trends may be just the inspiration you need to make a decision that will change the ambiance of your home and emphasize your personal style. Here’s a list of 2019 trends that are sure to get you feeling creative.

Rustic Theme

The rustic feel has been increasingly popular lately, from farms to bustling cities. It includes more than just wood and stone, though. Sophisticated takes on the theme let you add personality without creating a cheesy, over-the-top look that fits better in a theme park than in a home. If you like a minimalist look, for example, choose distressed, recycled wood as a backing for your fireplace for a look that is simple but impactful. It delivers style in spades, though it doesn’t distract from other features in the home.

Incorporating barn doors or other forms of painted wood into your design can instantly add the touch you’re looking for. It doesn’t have to be recycled or rough-looking to communicate your desired style. Accessorizing the mantle can also provide some helpful nudges in the direction of your style goals. Consulting with a Beverly Hills interior designer can help you find the perfect expression of this trend filtered through the lens of your own style and your home’s personality.

Modern Style

Plenty of fireplaces emphasize a modern look, in contrast to the traditional feel that a fireplace has. It may be a home feature that has been around for hundreds of years, but these updates provide an entirely new look. With sleek, simple silhouettes and mantle-free options, these choices let you have a fireplace with a fresh, new style. There’s so much to choose from, it may be wise to look for interior design firms Los Angeles to narrow down your options.

Red brick can offer that bridge between modern and classic. It serves as a focal point without looking busy, and the dark brownish red can be surprisingly versatile. Painted or plain tiles can also add a more unique look to your fireplace. Painted tiles come in a variety of colors and styles, and often come painted in a folk style that creates a bohemian vibe.

Minimalist Looks

If you’re interested in a more severe look, consider a concrete fireplace. Concrete can be textured or completely smooth, giving it diverse potential. Paneled textures or faux-brick styling adds some visual interest, but a smooth wall may be perfect for a minimalist home.

If actual concrete feels too extreme, you may still be interested in the smooth, unobtrusive fireplace surrounds they provide. A wall painted neutral colors, like white, brown or gray, can have a similar effect with a more homey feel. Forgoing a mantle will go a long way toward creating a sleek feel. Since they’re still the default, leaving one out makes a statement.

Personalized advice from an interior designer can help you decide on fireplace design trends that will enhance the style your home already has, so contact one to get started creating your ideal living space.

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