Exterior features that help you sell your home faster


Exterior features that help you sell your home faster

When it’s time to sell your home, you can’t avoid thinking about renovation if you want to sell for top dollar. While most people will concentrate on sprucing up their indoors, you must keep the outdoors buyer-ready as well. Here is a list of exterior features you must take care of if you want to sell your home faster.

1.      Care for the curb appeal

Whether it’s a buyer, a visitor, or a passerby, the first thing people notice is the front of your house. Making the best first impression can set you up to earn higher from your home than you would have expected. Your home’s outdoor does not have to break your bank. It can be something as simple as engaging CountrySide Landscapes to improve your landscaping and maintain your back yard, so it looks neat and well kept. Plants will add color and life to your home, making it more appealing. Statistics show that you get a 100 percent return on investment for every dollar spent on landscaping.

2.      Get a new coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest renovations you can do, yet it has one of the best returns on investment when you plan to sell fast. Walls take a lot of abuse during ownership, and you might not see the difference it will make until you apply the fresh coat. Choose neutral colors because they appeal to most people, and it makes it easy for the new owner to personalize the home.

3.      Update your door

Like painting your house, updating your door will not cost you much, but it will make your house more memorable. Homebuyers want a door that’s not only secure but one that represents the inside of the home. If your door is still in great shape, you can add flavor to it by painting it. A glass door will give your home a fresh look while a steel door will be great for security and character. Remember to match your door with your home exterior, or it will lose the point and look awkward.

4.      Replace your garage door

Research shows that the return on investment in changing your garage door is 97.3 percent. A good-looking garage door is valued and should top your list if you want to sell fast. Replacing your current door with a galvanized, four-section, heavy-duty door is a sure way to get value for your money. Garage doors improve your home’s curb appeal, and with the high return on investment, you can be sure you won’t go wrong with this renovation.

Your home’s first impression will create an image in the mind of the buyer, and if you don’t make it memorable, they will quickly forget about you. It will cost you to make a lasting impression, but it’s worth it if you want to sell fast, and fetch top dollar from your home. The renovations mentioned here will not cost you much, but the return on investment is at least ninety percent.

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