Expanding Your Contracting Business


Expanding Your Contracting Business 

Many small business owners remain small due to one simple fact, they limit their exposure. Marketing and advertising is not an option, it’s a necessity. You can have the best mousetrap in the world but if no one knows about it, you might as well not even be in business. In construction, contractors often have a basic storefront and hand out their business cards to people they meet. While that will bring in a few opportunities for future business, it doesn’t exactly make the phone ring off the wall. One way to improve your sales is to reserve a spot at the next home show in your hometown. Listed below are a few benefits. 

The Setup 

Pitching a 10×15 canopy tent with your company name and logo and having a collection of samples and flyers arranged neatly will instantly tell people attending the event that you are someone. An attractive booth will bring business to you. However, the bottom line is to attract new customers. In addition, you should also have all your earned awards and certifications front and center for easy viewing. This way when people pass by, they will know that you’re fully licensed and well-recognized by peers and other groups. 

Meet and Greet 

The personal experience is beneficial in that potential customers get to meet you face to face. So instead of just being a name on sign they see when they head through town, they now connect your face to that name. A home event also lets you have candid discussions about your business one on one. So along with face recognition, they now know what your specialties are too. 


Many veterans with years of experience at attending home shows know that one way to attract people to your particular table is to have promotional giveaways and contests every hour to keep the traffic flowing in your direction. You can give away things such as pens, hats, t-shirts or mugs featuring your company name logo and number. This will also help to keep your name in their minds long after the show ends. 

Mix and Mingle 

Home shows also provide the opportunity to meet some of your competitors up close and personal. Many in the same field or complementary fields like electricians and plumbers are all too willing to take a business card or a flyer in case they need additional help with a large job in the future. 

Audience is Potential Buyers 

When people attend home shows there’s a fee to enter. This eliminates most people without purpose from attending. So, when it comes to the large crowds a good portion of the population is a potential client. This can prove a very gratifying venture for your wallet. 


As mentioned earlier, the sole purpose of having a booth is to gain sales. One way to take a conversation from general work experience to a visual is to have examples of projects completed. Before and after photos in a binder for easy flipping will make the conversation a memorable experience for the attendee.   

Have Fun 

A home show gives you the chance to meet and greet many people so have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to ask what type of remodeling project someone has planned for later in the year. It’s in your comfort zone, so talk like you would a close friend, on the level and filled with excitement. 

Follow the Leads 

Of course, achieving success is not a guarantee. To convert those leads into sales, you MUST FOLLOW THROUGH. Even if they seem invasive, one follow-up call could lead to many more through word of mouth. 

A home show offers a great way to meet the local population of potential customers, while also coming face to face with your competition. Get on social media ahead of the event and make the announcement that you’ll be there with a date and time. Any buzz you can create is only good for your business.


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