Don’t Try This at Home: The 7 Most Dangerous DIYs


While DIY projects can be extremely fun, satisfying and well economic, not all DIY projects are safe. Regardless of the experience, some can get exceptionally dangerous even putting your life in the line. This, therefore, necessitates you to hire or consult a professional prior to starting some DIY you think you can easily accomplish. Below are some dangerous DIYs you shouldn’t put your hands on without consulting a professional.

Repairing Gas Line

Gas explosions caused by are indeed the worst accidents to happen in any home as they cause loss of precious lives and property worth millions of dollars. In most cases, gas accidents are usually attributed to poorly installed or repaired gas lines which often leaks causing carbon monoxide poisoning or even worse an explosion. Therefore, repairing a gas line is probably not a task you want to handle all by yourself as the risk of making a costly mistake outweighs the costs of hiring a professional gas safe registered engineer. It’s, therefore, crucial to switch off the central gas supply system and call an emergency response unit or the gas company anytime you detect a leaking gas line.

Electrical Wiring Installation

Improperly done electrical wiring is a time bomb awaiting explosion. This because poorly installed wiring is the leading cause of electrical fires which burn down properties and kill hundreds of people each year. While you can repair minor electrical faults, it’s vital to hire or consult a professional electrician to carry out installations and repairs, in turn, preventing costly accidents.

Repairing or Installing Roofs

Roof damages may be due to strong winds and storms characteristic of hurricanes. In most cases, roof damages would require urgent repair or complete installation of a new roof. You may want to undertake such tasks all by yourself to save money. However, repairing your roof all by yourself poses a great danger as you may fall off from the edge the roof and break your hands, limbs an even the spinal cord. Additionally, a wrongly installed roof is not durable leading to additional expenses. It’s therefore essential to hire a roofing company to carry out new roof installations or repair roof damages.

Demolishing Walls

As simple as it may sound, demolishing a well-constructed wall requires more than just swinging a sledgehammer in any direction. It requires skill and a well laid down strategy. If wrongly done, the wall can collapse on your side leading to fatal consequences. Therefore, always hire a professional when removing walls.

Falling Massive Trees

Just like demolishing walls, massive trees also pose significant danger especially when they are near busy areas or close to residential areas. This is because wrongly pruned tree branches can fall on people, houses or cars injuring or damaging them. Always hire a professional and skilled tree faller to assist you in removing decayed trees.

Removing Asbestos 

Before they were established to be toxic, asbestos was widely used to insulate homes even used for roofs. Today, asbestos is deadly if inhaled and can still be found in old homes, and you want to remove it. However, it is crucial to call a professional who is well equipped and skilled to remove it and understand proper disposal procedures to avoid pollution of the environment.

Pest Control

Pest is found in every home and usually are a nuisance in addition to spreading diseases. You may not exactly understand the best pest control method; thus, it is vital that you hire or consult a professional test exterminator for the complete elimination of any pest within your home.  

To conclude, while DIYs can be a great way of saving a great deal of cash, some require an in-depth understanding not acquired from simple tutorial videos, therefore, posing deadly consequences if incorrectly done. It is therefore important to hire a professional before undertaking some of this DYIs all by yourself.   

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