Does Having A Well Increase The Value Of Your Home?


Does Having A Well Increase The Value Of Your Home?


There are many ways you can increase the value of your property, but some not so obvious ways often get overlooked. There are some small ways to add value to your home that you can enjoy before you decide to sell it.


For instance, having a new heating system is something that many potential buyers will like to have so it is one less thing they have to worry about later. They want to know that the heater is going to last a while and they won’t need to call a company like United Restoration to clean the damage a leaky heater causes down the line.


What other ways are there to subtly increase the value of your home? Well, one thing many people don’t think about is whether a water well can help increase the value.


In this article we will look at some of the reasons you may want to add a well to your property.


Water quality


In an area where the quality of the public water supply is not very good, then a well would look very attractive to a potential buyer.


Having more control over their water supply is seen as a positive since there is little control over getting water from the city or county.


There are often old pipes and deteriorating infrastructure when it comes to city water. And many municipalities don’t have the money to upgrade their systems.


In many areas, the debate over well water vs city water is not much of a debate at all since the well gives you much better water. This is not the case everywhere, however.


No limits on water usage


Another area that a buyer will love is the fact that they will be unaffected by water bans. While some residents on the public supply won’t be able to water their lawn or will need to have a company come fill their pool because of a water ban, a well owner has absolute freedom.


As long as there is water in the well, then they are free to use water whenever and however much they want. Of course, even wells are prone to going dry in cases of extreme drought, but more often than not, the water recharges quickly.


When a well doesn’t make sense


It isn’t a slam dunk to have a well when trying to add value to your home. There are times when it may not make sense.


For instance, if you live in an area with intensive farming going on then the water supply may be impacted. You could be dealing with frequent contamination from bacteria if there are lots of livestock farms nearby.


Areas with a lot of iron and heavy metals in the bedrock also pose problems for well owners as they need to filter the water. Filters can be expensive to replace the media and are sometimes not very effective. Often a water softener and filter system need to be used which can be expensive.


In these cases, you may actually decrease the value of your home.



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