DIY Pest Control Tips to Increase Your Home Value


DIY Pest Control Tips to Increase Your Home Value


Do you have a pest problem? Can you not afford to hire professional pest control? Are you worried about it decreasing your property’s value?

Buying a home is hard work and probably the biggest investment of your entire life. People think investing in interior design can distract away from the fundamental problems of pest infection. But they are wrong because rodents like mice, rats or scorpions can lower the value of a property and leave lasting damages. They can reduce a property’s value up to 25% leading to losses for the home-owner. So, make home improvements by eliminating rats or mice and spend on scorpion removal to increase the value of your house. Follow these easy DIY tips from synergy² pest control  and make your home pest-free

    1.    Landscaping

Landscaping is a great way of making a lasting first impression. If you want to impress

buyers then put your effort into modeling the outside space. To get rid of pests from your

lawn, keep it clean and well maintained. You can also grow pest-repellent plants like

lemongrass, marigold or garlic. This is a cost-effective and successful trick to keep away

pests and add value to your house

    2.    Clean Your House

Now that you have caught your buyer’s eye from the exterior, it is time for the interior of

the house. Go down the conventional route and keep your home sparkling clean.

We know it’s a given but not many people think about this. A spotless house is

attractive to the buyer and unattractive for the bugs and pests. So get cleaning and scrub

down every wall, window, and door to get rid of pests.

    3.    Seal and Trap

The most proficient way of avoiding pests is to not let them enter in the first place.

Sealing cracks and crevices of your house will keep these little critters out of your way. If

they do manage to get in then set out traps at key entryways and catch them in the act.

Once you do catch them, make sure to completely eliminate them or else they can always

come back.

    4.    DIY Insecticides

          Sometimes setting up traps and seals fail, and these mini-beasts manage to get in. Do not worry if this happens because we have just the right solution – Home-Made Pesticides. You can:

    ●    Add 2 tablespoons of pure castile soap in 1 gallon of water

    ●    Sprinkle ground coffee near windows and doors

    ●    1 cup borax and 1 cup sugar in 1-gallon water

    ●    Equal parts vinegar and water


These are ingenious ways to concoct a solution at home and get rid of pests. They are cheap and do not require as much time and energy as the conventional ways.

Pests can be a nuisance and getting rid of them can feel harder than scaling Everest. But we are sure that our DIY solutions to your pest problems have steered you in the right direction. Follow them and eliminate the creep-crawlies that hogging away your house’s value.

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