Dallas Housing Market Forecast 2021



Dallas, Texas is one of the largest cities in the USA by population. It has over a million people, not counting the millions more in the metro area. Not only is it large, it is only getting bigger. Texas is growing incredibly quickly, and many of the new residents are surely going to flock to Dallas. It is a hub for business, culture, sports, and so much more, all of which make it an attractive option for buyers and renters alike.


But what does this influx of new residents mean for the housing market in 2021 and beyond? Will it help or hurt the market in the long run, and what does the future have in store? With that in mind, this article is going to look at the future of the housing market in Dallas in 2021.

More Green Housing

The average home buyer is becoming much younger, and many of them care about the environment more than almost any other past generation has. They want their homes to reflect this and be as energy-efficient as possible. Not only can an energy-efficient home lead to cost savings in the form of potential subsidies and cheaper bills, but it can also help to save the environment.


While many people think of Texas as only an oil country, that’s not the case. The state is actually one of the leaders in renewable energy such as solar and wind. Many utilities like energy and power are available from renewable sources, and their electricity is cheaper than the national average. Be sure to check out the information on this page here to learn more about this and the various options that Texans have.

Prices Should Rise


For how large the city is and how much there is to do in the city of Dallas, real estate prices haven’t gotten out of control as they have in other places across the country. While they might not be as affordable as real estate in Cincinnati or some areas in the midwest, Dallas is still one of the most affordable large cities out there. However, this is slowly beginning to change. In recent years, Dallas has seen a dramatic rise in pricing. Many believe that housing values in the city will continue to rise by around 3% in the coming year.


This rise in value will likely lead to an increase in home prices, as well. A potential recession could even send these prices higher if it leads to a housing shortage in the city. While anything could happen and the market could sour, all signs seem to point to Dallas homes becoming more expensive over the coming year.

Rental Properties Continue To Be In High Demand

While renting is popular throughout the USA, there are few places with more renters than Dallas. In fact, the number of renters in Dallas actually outnumber the number of people that own the homes they live in. One reason why so many people rent in Dallas and why the demand is so high is because of the price, which is still affordable for many people.


However, just like housing prices, these have been going up and may soon creep out of the “affordable” window. Another big reason for this high rent rate is the relatively young age of the Texas population. Many young people move to Texas after college to start their careers, and many are more comfortable renting than buying a home immediately.


In addition to long term renting demand, there is also a lot of short term demand. Dallas is a popular spot for tourists, business meetings, conferences and a variety of other things. This brings a lot of people to the city, many who need a place to stay for a few days.Not only that, but Airbnb is completely legal in Texas, and there are no limits or restrictions to these short term rentals, like there is in various other cities.


In conclusion, hopefully this article has been able to help you learn a little more about what the future could hold for the Dallas housing market in 2021. It will be exciting to see what the market has in store for us over the coming year.

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