Choosing Green Furniture


If you ask 10 different people why they chose a particular piece of furniture, you would probably get 10 different answers.

Some people choose furniture that fits their style or taste, while others choose furniture because it fits seamlessly into their room. Some choose furniture because it gives them a sense of elegance and class, or they simply choose a piece because it is what they needed that was available.

But it’s fair to say that majority of people, regardless of their other reasons, want something that will last long and won’t damage their health.

However, another popular consideration of late is greenness.

No, it’s not about the colour; it is about the environment. People want furniture that is easy on the environment–and rightly so.

This will not just ensure that you contribute your little quota towards improving the planet, but it will also help improve the health of you and your family by avoiding harmful chemicals or other substances associated with bad furniture.

Below are a few tips to help you select the right eco-friendly furniture.

1)  Understanding What Green Furniture is

Green furniture is simply environmentally friendly. It is easy on the environment and the manufacturing doesn’t consume a lot of energy. Usually sustainable materials are used in the manufacturing.

The level of toxicity on this kind of furniture is usually low, which means they don’t release volatile organic chemicals that could harm you or the environment.

2)  Pick Furniture made from Sustainable Wood

Is it possible to have furniture made from wood that is eco-friendly and sustainable? The answer is yes.

While it’s inherently unsustainable to chop down trees to furnish your home, there are environmentally friendly way of harvesting wood.

This is why you should choose furniture made from wood harvested in a sustainably managed forest. These forests regulate wood harvesting and ensure that the woods are replaced and will be there for ages. When shopping, look for wood that that are tagged eco-friendly.

While wood are not easily recycled like other materials, it’s long lasting and can be sourced locally. Also, they can be sold off, or used for other purpose.

3) Choose Furniture made from Reclaimed Wood

The idea here is to go for furniture that has been made from wood that would have been disposed.

 A lot of designers have dedicated themselves to making beautiful furniture from wood that was previously used for construction and has been pulled down–or from furniture that is no longer useful.

 Lots of people have replaced their previously wooden furniture with glass or metal ones. Instead of allowing those woods to pollute the environment, these designers take them and remake them into furniture that are more beautiful and trendy.

4) Choose Bamboo and Rattan Made Furniture

Bamboo is gaining prominence among eco-friendly furniture enthusiast. This is because it grows a lot faster than forest wood and releases 35% more oxygen than forest woods. A lot of beautiful furniture is now being made from bamboo that is durable.

Rattan also grows more rapidly than typical forest woods, and it can be quite durable when woven. It resists wear and tear and is usually sold as wicker furniture.

Choose furniture made from bamboos and rattans when possible.

5) Metal and Plastic Furniture

Do not dismiss furniture made from metals and plastics entirely for not being green. It’s true that these materials require a lot of energy and electricity for production; however, new technologies are helping to reduce their energy consumption. Grand and exotic furnishing can also be done in an eco-friendly way.

Also, metal and plastic furniture can be quite durable and are easily recycled. Some of them already contain recycled materials too. There are companies that are committed to reducing their environmental impact. A little research on sustainable business practice can help you select such companies.

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