Choose a modern armchair to give character to a setting



Choose a modern armchair to give character to a setting

The armchair is often associated with those scenes lost in time, with grandpa smoking a pipe or grandma darning a sock, but we’d say that, today, this furnishing element is used much more and in many more ways.

A modern armchair can be found in a nice fashionable bar, or in stylish offices, along with stores and restaurants.

Those old and comfy seats in the home living room, kept until the leather or fabric of the armrests begins to disintegrate, are the source of inspiration for today’s designers who create new armchair models.

Where can we put a designer armchair?

Nearly everyone has at least one armchair in the home. In the living room, these chairs are often the trusty companions of the sofa, while in the bedroom, a small armchair can be used to pile clothes onto or, more fittingly, to sit and settle in for a good read.

Just take a moment to remember the many places you’ve seen a modern armchair outside of its regular environment: a law firm, hotel lobby, corner of a restaurant, a nightclub, in front of your boss’s desk.

Even a single furnishing element can make a huge difference if it’s high quality and clearly beautiful.

The owner of a classic inn can add a touch of innovation by purchasing vintage-inspired modern armchairs to create a relaxing spot for welcoming customers who wish to sip a glass of wine or wait comfortably for their table. Creating a pleasing atmosphere is essential for a venue, so we need to pay special attention to the comfort and sturdiness of the chairs.

A row of small designer armchairs around a large table can transform a simple meeting room into the company’s most prestigious place to welcome clients in.

Small armchairs for versatile offices.

An article published in examines the importance of design in offices. In regards to flexibility, the site mentions:

“Remote working and flexible hours are highly coveted among workers and it can be difficult to justify spending time and money on an office redesign if half your staff are rarely in the office to experience it in all its splendour.

The first question you may need to ask yourself is “Is it needed in your business and will it actually help?” The answer in most cases is Yes”.

In today’s offices, it has become essential to have versatile furniture that can serve a variety of functions and, perhaps, gain a new meaning depending on the setting it is placed in.

In more practical terms, and coming back to the focus of this article, small designer armchairs can be used in a variety of ways in a modern office. Some nice seats in the reception area will be the company’s calling card, while in the open space of an ad company’s creative department they can become a vehicle for imagination, and fantastic allies for the back during long meetings.

Tips for choosing the perfect armchairs.

The market offers millions of armchairs and small armchairs in every shape, colour and material, so we should examine the details when focusing on quality.

First of all, take the time to gain information by reading articles written by experts; for example, you can learn more on this topic by reading “What is the perfect spot for a modern armchair?” (link to Albaplus article, otherwise delete from “for example” until the period)

Continue by thoroughly checking that the modern armchair you picked is made by a brand with experience in the sector and can offer guarantees.

Lastly, take time on the materials and methods used to make the furniture items, because it’s the details that reveal the true quality of an object.

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