Change is all you need

Change is all you need


CHANGE! What to change? Perhaps this is the first thing that you are thinking now. So change is associated with your sleep. I am not asking you not to sleep but to change the way you sleep. Yes, many might not now but or even not so serious about their sleep, because they are not aware of the problems that what an improper sleep might cause. Sleeping is very important and honestly speaking many are not doing it in the right way. So to wake you I going to share some effects of improper sleep.People who suffer from consistently poor sleep sessions tend to have higher concentrations of beta-amyloid protein in their brain, which has long been attributed to the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s, according to 2015 research published in Nature Neuroscience. In a 2011 study published in the journal Cancer, researchers found that subjects who averaged less than six hours of sleep per night had a nearly 50 percent increased risk of colorectal adenomas which are precursor lesions of colon cancer compared to those who averaged more than seven hours every night. People who sleep for five hours or less per night were more than twice as likely to have high blood pressure. One of the most common health problems from lack of sleep is obesity. Another health problem caused by lack of sleep is heart disease, because people with poor sleep patterns have an increased buildup in plaques. A number of interesting investigations were recently performed on professional athletes. Elite competitive athletes often travel across time zones for national and international competitions. This results in sleep disturbance and affects normal circadian rhythms of sleeping and waking. Although the effect of such disturbances on athletic performance might be small, these changes can mean the difference between losing and winning in competitive sport. Addition to these, there are a countless number of problems caused due to lack of sleep.So now you might be taking it seriously, I guess.

One of the main problems which cost us our sleep is our mattress. And this thing that I am asking you to change. People often go for a low-cost low brand mattress and end up facing these problems. I recommend you to change your old mattress and go for a luxury mattress. But there are many brands that can confuse you or even manipulate you in choosing the right thing. So I have the solution too. Go for Dream Cloud Luxury mattress. It is one of the best mattresses trusted by many users all over the world. It’s really affordable and provides a wide range of facilities and comfort that will five a sound sleep that you are looking for. So change your mattress today, but that might be a problem too. But the question arises what to do with the old ones. You should be glad to know that you can recycle your mattress in many ways. Now you might be thinking, “Mattress recycling near me”, oh yes mattress recycling is highly encouraged since 80% to 90% of mattress parts can be reused to create new products. These parts include the foam itself, the springs, upholstery, and other wooden parts. So it is very easy to change the old one now. One last thing that I am recommending is to get a bedroom plant. There are a number of bedroom plants available such as a Cactus, Yucca, Aloe, Bamboo Palm, Jasmine, etc. Choose the one you like the most and feel all the comfort during your sleep.

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