Bathroom Renovation Tips that Everyone Should Know About


Bathroom Renovation Tips that Everyone Should Know About

Bathroom renovations can be a daunting process. Trying to work around existing pipework or re-imagine your current layout can be a challenge. At times, you might even be tempted to rip it out and start again, not to talk of millions of decisions you have to make along the way, as well as the price tag that could be surprising.

But don’t despair. We know you want a bathroom with the right amenities and fixtures that would reflect your style and deliver the comfort you need, so we pull some of the best bathroom renovation tips together to turn your dream into reality.

1.     Know how much a bathroom renovation costs

Before you embark on any renovation project, it is important to consider how much you are willing to spend and put your expectations into perspective. That will help you set a realistic budget and ensure that you have all the required resources to make your bathroom renovation a success.

When it comes to bathroom renovation, the quality of the materials you’re including, the size of the bathroom, and the cost of labor will affect the total cost of your bathroom renovation.

2.     Plan the layout of your bathroom and stick to it

Do not make unnecessary alterations to the layout of your existing sanitaryware – the fewer the modification and changes you make, the lesser the amount of money you’ll spend on demolition and plumbing. If you’d love to move some important elements, then at least you should ensure that the toilet remains connected to your current soil pipe, and the new bath is close to the existing plumbing.

Once you finalize your bathroom design, stick to it, and do not alter it. But before you sign it off, allow the tiler, electrician and other related trades to go through it so that they can detect and point out any issue that can delay the completion of the project.

3.     Add enough lighting

Even though the addition of excellent fixtures and the sophisticated finish on faucets can transform the look of a bathroom, you will never go wrong by installing sufficient decorative and ambient lighting.  Similarly, elegant lighting can eliminate shadows on faces.

One of the best ways to achieve a well-lit space is by incorporating layers of ambient, accent, task, and decorative or luxurious bathroom lighting. However, you should consult with your lighting specialist or bathroom designer for the right lighting scheme for you. Also, you can install dimmer switches to reduce the light when it is too bright and add mood to your bathroom.

4.    Ensure proper ventilation

Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to ignore this aspect of ventilation when renovating their bathrooms. What they fail to realize is the fact that proper ventilation helps to elongate the lifespan of your bathroom.

A well-ventilated bathroom can help you avoid several problems like the buildup of mildew and mold that can lead to health challenges or ruin some expensive bathroom upgrades such as the cabinetry, walls, and the floors.

5.     Choose durable and timeless flooring

You should select a flooring that is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes to give you a timeless and sophisticated bathroom that reflects your unique style. Ceramic, porcelain, and tiles made of natural stone are beautiful and eye-catching. They are also resistant to water, and this makes them a great choice for your bathroom flooring.

6.     Choose timeless, yet durable countertops and vanity tops

Bathroom countertops and vanity tops do not only serve as a functional work surface but also play a major role in bathroom decoration and beautification. While there are several countertop options at Marble that you can choose from, you should go for the one with the right blend of durability and aesthetics that is enough to reflect your unique taste and meet your demands.

7.     Mix and match fixtures colors to save cost

Stick with white or cream-colored sanitaryware or bathroom fixtures (i.e., bathtub and toilet). Mix bathroom fixtures from different suppliers to offset luxuries against affordable buys. However, you should avoid cheap bathroom fixtures like shower trays or plastic baths that are thin, flexible, and difficult to make watertight.

8.     Use mirrors

Most homeowners think that bathroom mirrors only serve the purpose of primping hair and checking makeup, but they do more than just that. Mirrors are important bathroom design elements that help to add light to the room and expand it visually and make it look more spacious.

9.     Renovate with the future in mind

If you’re planning to put your home up for sale within a few years to come, then you should ensure that your bathroom renovation will increase the value of your property over time. But if you plan to stay in your property for a couple of years, then you should ensure that your bathroom design suits your taste and fit your preferences and style even after the renovation.

Final words

Everyone wants a bathroom with the right amenities and fixtures that will deliver comfort and reflect our taste and personal style. Fortunately, by choosing the right design with careful planning, we can renovate our bathrooms and have it all.

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