Bathroom interior decoration


Make the best of your bathroom! Using our ideas for interior decoration, you will turn a simple room into a spa-related place of retreat.

Are you just redecorating? In this case, you should pay attention to our basic recommendations. Remember: bathtub, shower and basin cannot be moved once positioned due to fix pipelines. If you are looking for an updated design inside your bathroom only, consider new painting, furniture or accessories.

Adequate positioning

Firstly, consider the place of basic equipment since changed water supplies tend to result in an expensive project. Planning a freestanding tub probably requires relocated pipelines. Maybe you will take the opportunity to renew the flooring at the same time. You should consult an expert submitting a related offer.

Selecting appropriate equipment

Shower or bathtub? Please count some extra efforts with the tub, especially in case of a freestanding version matching with square-cut rooms of a minimum size of 8.5 square meters. Corner bathtubs fit into small bathrooms, but also look fantastic inside bigger rooms using interior walls.

Important facts about the washbasin: Requirements should be of top priority, even though design makes a difference. Huge family bathrooms should be equipped with a bulky version providing space. Small rooms require tailored solutions with a floor unit underneath for maximum storage capacity. New designs are subject to special colors, material and asymmetrical shapes.

Get inspired via regarding new furnishings.

How to make small bathrooms more attractive

Get the most out of a small bath. Undersized rooms seem bigger if similar coverings are used for both, floors and walls. Light colors, king-size mirrors and narrow tile gaps are of advantage. Eye-catching color schemes may sidetrack from the small size or other weak points. Lighting is of utmost importance to rooms without windows. Numerous spots perform better than one ceiling lamp. Multipurpose items strike home. What about a radiator offering a towel rail at the same time?

Create more space

Look for smart storage ideas providing organization. Towels, make-up and other items are placed in open shelfs or wall closets. Again, light colors support hiding the small room size and floor cupboards including drawers provide lots of storage capacity not only for everyday commodities.

Special fittings

Functional and visual appearance make a difference with good fittings. Single-lever taps are easily managed with one hand only. There is no limit regarding design today. You should go for consulting a specialized dealer having items in stock for testing, also regarding fittings for showers and bathtubs.

Blinds for bathrooms

You need protection against curious eyes especially in residential neighborhood or at ground level. Wooden blinds create a cozy atmosphere. Alternatively, if you do not dispose of frosted glass, DIY stores offer low-cost plastic sheets being available in different designs and may be applied to the clean window.

Lighting of the bathroom

Whatever you chose for lighting – mood or functional lamps or a mix – please take into account it should be marked with the “IPX4” protection label and thus cannot be damaged by splash water.

Feel good wall designs

Upgrade walls and old tiles with simple water-repellent plastic coverings. Stress your individual design without major renovation work. If you are tired of white walls, give it a paint in your favorite color. Gloss paints cope with the high level of air moisture. Impress yourself with matching items such as similarly colored towels or shower curtains.

More comfort through textiles

Fleecy textiles may create a cozy atmosphere. Combining soft bathmats, cuddly towels or a bathrobe in similar colors makes you feel good and sets a course in colorless bathrooms especially when being piled neatly in open shelfs. This way, you may also cheaply change the room’s color scheme.

Individual bathroom accessories

How to turn your bath into a spa? Use soap dishes and dispensers following your color scheme and organize small items in nice wooden boxes. The bathroom gets comfortably calming using more wood and bamboo items, optionally essential oils.

Wall coverings in the bathroom

Try stylish patterns or photo wallpapers in your bathroom. Standard wallpaper suits restrooms for guests but remember to opt for a “Wet-System” in case of increased air moisture, which even can be used inside showers.


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