Basic Industrial-Themed Trends That Work In Every Home Interior Design Project


More Americans are willing to spend money to renovate their homes. According to the 2019 Annual Renovation Trends under the US Houzz & Home Study, typical the American homeowner shells out $10,000 for home renovations, a figure that has remained the same for the past three years. The survey also revealed that the owners of these houses plan to upgrade their home’s security features and smart home technology. They also prioritize spending for the improvement of their interior decorations when considering a total home remodel. One of the latest interior decoration trends features industrial-inspired design, prompting homeowners to turn some portions or their entire home to look like old warehouses or lofts – but with a stylish twist. For those who plan to follow this industrial home design trend, here are several ways to tastefully achieve it in your home.  

Exposed Brick Tiles 

One of the most popular designs used by builders and interior designers is the exposed brick wall. It was even used to create a multi-million dollar luxury pad in New York. Adding bare brick inside the home can provide additional character to any room, and it is one of the best ways to achieve an industrial effect. Homeowners can ask their builders to leave some of their walls bare after the renovation project or use brick-effect tiles to create the same effect. Since this industrial design element is very versatile, homeowners have several places suitable for brick-effect tiling. Builders can incorporate it into the bathroom design or add it as a kitchen splashback. It can also be used throughout the whole house, as brick-effect tiles do not absorb as much heat as porcelain tiles. Because of this, brick tiles are perfectly suited to colder climates.

Concrete Cinder Blocks

Another common building material used to create an industrial-theme indoor design is concrete. This simple mixture of powdered cement and water has a long history in construction projects, but it only enjoyed a revival recently. Using concrete on floors is popular nowadays, and adds a strong, masculine feel to the house. Aside from its aesthetic effect, concrete floors are also easy to maintain, and they’re durable. But the concrete trend does not end on the floor. Homeowners may also use concrete cinder blocks to create makeshift bookshelves. Concrete benches, sinks, tabletops and bathtubs are also ideal ways to use concrete at home. This trend will work well when paired with wooden floorboards.

If homeowners mix these features with modern furniture pieces, a unique industrial design can be achieved. This can be done by refreshing existing contemporary furniture with the help of simple industrial elements. For example, a king-sized bed will look industrial if an iron canopy is added, or chandeliers could be decorated with metal shades. Homeowners could also use leather upholstery on rusted wooden surfaces or ingeniously paint any furniture with white, gray or dark brown shades. By doing this, homeowners will have industrial-themed home decors without having to spend a single cent on new items.

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