Always Follow These Cleaning Tips When You Move Into A New Apartment


Moving into a new apartment is an exciting moment. It is so easy to just move in as fast as possible and want to enjoy the new surroundings. However, what we should understand is that the best time to clean a home is right after you get the keys and gain access.

The space is relatively empty since you did not move anything yet. Due to this, as you deal with moving to the new home, seriously consider these cleaning tips before the boxes arrive at their new location.

Start With The Top

The best way to get a really deep scrub done is to start from the top. The reason for this is simply gravity.

Always start by dusting ceiling fans, overhead lights, and ceiling corners. After, just start working down. Clean walls, then baseboards, and only scrub floors at the end.

Work Towards The Entryway

This is another great order to respect as you clean a room. You want to start from the point that is the farthest away from the entry door. Such an approach is particularly effective when it comes to cleaning floors. You obviously do not want to move the dirt from a carpet all around the room as you start the other way around.

Focus On The Closets

When you move all your clothes to the new apartment and your closets are full, there is a very low possibility you will ever properly scrub closets. Do it before you move in. Dust out all corners and line shelves with decorative paper or vinyl if you want to. Shelf lining is very useful and very easy to clean in the future. It also helps to cover up stains and other weird marks that might exist.

Buy A New Toilet Seat

The toilet seat is not easy to clean and you cannot really trust the previous renters. Since you will surely use the toilet a lot, you want to buy a brand new toilet seat. It just makes sense.

Disinfect The Entire Bathtub

You will surely enjoy your tub a lot more after you completely disinfected it. If you do not have access to the common cleaning solutions, just opt for dish soap and a good sponge. This is enough to wipe down the entire bathtub. Conventional cleaners are much better and needed for the tougher stains, but you can always disinfect with dish soap.

Clean All Appliances

Last but not least, you want to clean absolutely all the appliances in the home. This does include the dishwasher, which is so often forgotten. Fortunately, with the dishwasher machine, you just need white vinegar. Place it inside the top rack and run a full cycle with the use of the machine’s hot water setting.

The microwave oven has to be cleaned and the fridge should also be on your list. Since you will soon move in, everything is empty. Remove all the shelves and use appropriate products to clean everything. This makes everything safe and clean, which is how they should be if you want to live inside the apartment.

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