9 Tips For Making Your Real Estate Business Stand Out


9 Tips For Making Your Real Estate Business Stand Out


When it comes to building a successful real estate business, you have to make your company stand out from the rest. There are tons of ways to do this, and many of them do not cost a ton of money. Keep reading for some ideas about how to set your real estate business apart without breaking the bank.

1. First Impressions

Often, the first way your customers will learn about your business is by seeing your sign. Especially in real estate, when you regularly hold open houses, your sign presence is your primary form of advertising.


Teardrop feather flags are a versatile and economical way to get your real estate business some exposure. They are ideal for indoor displays like trade shows, offices, model homes, and even malls because they are open all the time.


When you have an open house, standard feather flags are more ideal for displays that are outdoors. Feather flags are only partially open so that there is room for the fabric to flap in a breeze and catch attention. They create an attractive and inviting display that lets people know you have something exciting happening.


You can have your teardrop feather flags or standard feather flags customized to fit your brand. Choose the colors and have your logo printed on these versatile promotional flags.

2. Stay In Contact With Your Customers

This seems like it would be a no-brainer, but it is easier said than done. Do your best to stay on top of your phone calls and emails. Potential customers lose interest and start considering other options when you do not get back to them in a timely manner.


When you send a sales email out, follow up on it if you don’t hear back. If the thought of following up makes you nervous, use an online template to help you word a winning follow-up email.

3. Become a Social Media Pro

Some of us love it. Some of us hate it. Regardless of how you feel, social media is integral in reaching new customers these days. Create a Facebook page for your business and post about your company’s activity. This is a perfect way to not only stay in contact with your customers, but to also keep your business in front of your customers.

4. Social Media Means More Than Facebook

There are so many avenues to reach out to potential clients and customers, and social media can put you in front of almost limitless audiences. Make YouTube videos to educate people on real estate concepts. Post photos about your homes on Instagram. Tweet about your open houses. Use social media to get your brand in front of as many people as possible with little to no financial investment.

5. Know Your Niche

Whether you do luxury homes, walkable neighborhoods, or urban apartments, it is important to define where to put your focus. This way, you can become the expert and the go-to for that niche real estate market. Knowing your niche will help you understand your customers and how to reach and satisfy them. It will also help you build your brand—which is essential for growing your business.

6. Keep An Eye On Your Competition

You know the saying. “Keep your colleagues close, but your competition closer.” Real estate is a highly competitive industry. In order to stand out, you need to be one step ahead of your competition. Check out their websites. What are their niches? How do they approach their customers? What do they do right? What do they do wrong?


Find something you like about your competition and use it to inspire your own ideas. Find something you do not like about your competition and evaluate your own business to make sure you are avoiding doing that yourself. Learning from your competition with an objective eye will help you grow as an entrepreneur.

7. Ask For Testimonials From Former Clients

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to gain new business, but testimonials are almost as good. A glowing testimonial lets people know that you have provided a valuable service to someone; that they were so satisfied with your work it warranted putting effort into telling others about it.

8. Give a Housewarming Gift After Closing

A housewarming gift tells clients that they are not just another sale. It also encourages them to be willing to give you a testimonial when you ask them for it. Housewarming gifts do not have to be expensive. A welcome mat, some candles, or a local gift basket can give a warm, personal touch.

9. Final Thoughts

It is easy to see that there are many economical steps you can use to make your real estate business stand out from the competition. Teardrop feather flags can be strategically placed inside to gain attention. Stay in touch with your customers through phone calls, emails, and social media of all sorts. Use what you learn from your competition to help you grow. Let your customers know you appreciate them with an inexpensive housewarming gift. None of these methods will require a large financial investment, but with the right work ethic, and a little pizazz, they are sure to pay off.


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