6 Top Countries for Property Investors in 2021


Are you a property investor, looking for international opportunities that will provide you with a good return and a steady income in 2021 and the years ahead?

If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are lots of excellent locations available for you to place your capital, whether your intention is to watch your real estate’s value grow to then sell it on in future, or to rent your property out and enjoy regular earnings, perhaps to supplement your own salary.

With this in mind, find below 6 top countries in which to invest for real estate in the coming months and years! Also, if you require a visa to visit these countries before your property purchase, you can obtain your travel pass online.


1. France



You may be pleased to hear that the outlook for France’s property market remains buoyant. According to France’s institute for national statistics INSEE (Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Économiques), a majority of French households believe it’s a good time to make a major purchase such as buying property, and this trend remains at its long-term average.


Moreover, what with the growing digitalisation of the economy and more people set to work from home, the French are reportedly set to invest further in their homes looking ahead, which could support real estate values both next year and beyond.


2. Spain




Spain too remains an excellent location to invest in property. According to a recent report by the central bank, the Bank of Spain, investors can expect returns of 9% from buying Spanish property while annual rental incomes stand at around 4%.


What’s more, there look set to be great opportunities to buy in 2021 and after. According to Funcas (Fundación de las Cajas de Ahorros), prices may fall by 10-20% in the short-to-medium term, particularly in tourist hotspots like Barcelona, Mallorca, Valencia and the Canary Islands. So for long-term investors, this is a good chance to purchase!


3. Italy




The outlook for Italy’s real estate market in 2021 and further ahead remains healthy too. Much like in France, Italians look set to invest significantly in their homes as more people set up home offices, thereby requiring refurbishments and property extensions.


For example, according to independent institute Scenari Immobiliari (Real Estate Scenarios), “The demand for homes, which has long been there, will grow and will need properties (new or refurbished) that are suitable for the times.” So this creates opportunities for investors.


4. Germany




Germany’s property market also promises strong returns for overseas investors. This is because, following five years of consistent price growth in German real estate, prices continue to rise, buoyed by the country’s low unemployment rate and strong population growth.


In May 2020, prices rose by +10.93% compared to a year earlier, the highest ever annual price growth for this month. This was reflected across all sectors, namely new and existing home prices as well as rental prices. Moreover, according to economists, Germany’s upward property cycle will continue for the foreseeable future.


5. Dubai




Dubai’s property market is set to experience a boom in 2021, according to industry analysts. This is because the country will host Expo 2021, a World Exposition in which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are investing significantly to attract global visibility. For example, the country’s luxury hotels are expected to be at or near full capacity leading into and during the Expo.


In addition, the UAE is taking several steps to support property values. Among other things, banks can now increase their exposure to 30% from the previous limit of 20%, while property developers are often waiving the 4% registration fee to attract even more buyers.


6. Thailand




Thai property prices are forecast to increase in 2021, in part because the Southeast Asian country’s property developers are building fewer condominiums than in recent years. This will support the value of properties, fostering a higher ROI for overseas investors.



Moreover, Thailand’s historically low interest rates also create a favourable environment for international buyers at present. At present, the Bank of Thailand’s interest rate is just 0.5%, from as high as 3.5% a few years ago. Of course, this helps to cut the cost of a mortgage.


So there you have it! These are 6 top locations to invest in property next year and beyond, both to watch its value appreciate over time and rent out for a supplemental income. To find out more, get in touch with the specialist property finding team at HomesGoFast.com today.

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