6 Strategies to Keep Your Utility Bill Low


6 Strategies to Keep Your Utility Bill Low



Looking for ways to cut down on your utility bills? Saving energy can be especially challenging in Alberta, where freezing winters transition into warm summers. For many homeowners, their heating and cooling system is running almost non-stop all year. However, it’s possible to cut down on utility bills while maintaining a comfortable home and lifestyle – even in Alberta!


Energy providers in Alberta are experts on home energy and sustainability. Here are a few strategies they suggest to help you lower your utility bill:


1. Use a Programmable Thermostat



Most modern wall-mounted thermostats are programmable, but not all homeowners take advantage of their energy-saving features. This type of thermostat can be set to change temperatures at certain times during the day or night, even when you’re not at home. When your house is empty during the day, you can schedule the thermostat to relax by a few degrees so it’s not working hard to warm up an empty home. Even adjusting it one or two degrees will save you money in the long run!


Some homeowners choose to go a step further by installing a smart thermostat. These are the most cutting-edge thermostats currently on the market. They learn your schedule and habits and make adjustments throughout the day to optimize your home’s efficiency. Plus, you can control it from your smartphone!


2. Draw Your Shades



We often think of shades as being purely for aesthetics or privacy, but did you know they also play a role in your home’s energy efficiency? Closing the shades during the day prevents your home from overheating, which reduces the strain on your cooling system. Come nightfall, closed shades help out your furnace by preserving warm air in the home.


3. Install Solar Panels



Alternative energy is all the rage right now, but only certain technologies are suited for residential homes. If you want to cut ties with the grid and go green, solar panels are your best option. Turning an infinite natural resource like sunlight into power will cut down on how much electricity your home consumes. This leads to lower utility bills. If your panels create more energy than you need, you can even sell back the excess energy for a profit!


4. Upgrade Your Appliances



If your appliances are a decade old or older, then it’s safe to say that they weren’t built using today’s cutting-edge energy-efficient technology. Older appliances consume more energy than newer appliances, which means they have a more noticeable impact on your utility bill.


The up-front cost of new appliances will eventually pay off in terms of greatly reduced energy bills. For the best energy-efficient appliances, look for the Energy Star label. Energy Star is an independent company that rates appliances based on how much energy they consume. It makes it easy for consumers to find appliances that fit their energy needs.


5. Keep Up With Maintenance



During Alberta’s cold winter months, you probably rely on a heating system like a furnace or boiler to stay warm. While these systems provide an invaluable service for your home, they also consume a lot of energy – especially on the coldest days of the year. You’ve probably noticed the way your utility spikes during the cold season; this is the result of your heating system working harder than usual.


Annual maintenance and tune-ups keep your system running at peak efficiency, so you can look forward to lower bills. Some maintenance steps can do at home, like changing the furnace air filter; however, you should contact a furnace company to handle complex tasks like cleaning out the system and making adjustments.


6. Bundle Up!



Turning down your thermostat by a few degrees is one of the most reliable strategies for keeping your utility bills low. However, this can make your home feel a little chilly – especially if you’re prone to feeling cold all the time anyway! Luckily, there’s a way you can lower your bill and feel comfortable at home: bundling up. Wearing layers inside like sweaters, robes, or slippers will keep you feeling warm and cozy even when the thermostat is lower than what you’re used to.


Keeping your energy bill low is easy with these simple strategies. Even if you implement just one or two of these tips, you’ll notice a decrease in how much energy you consume each month. This winter, make a commitment to keep your Alberta home comfortable in a way that’s friendly towards both the environment and your wallet!

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