6 Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Garden



The benefits to gardening are endless and it would be easy to write pages and pages covering this topic alone. It’s physically so good for your body and arguably much more interesting than joining a boring gym! Mentally it’s healthy too as it keeps your mind stimulated – watching your garden flourish can be super therapeutic. A garden needs love and attention to maintain its beauty. It doesn’t matter if you have a perfectly-landscaped garden or a wild garden that resembles a jungle, gardens need regular care.


Here are our simple tips on how to easily maintain your garden and observe proper plant care.



A lawn is like hair…the longer you leave it, the more dishevelled it will start to look! It can be tempting to leave grass during the colder months but if it’s looking scruffy then it’s worth cutting it as often as needed. The longer you leave grass, the more likely you are to have a muddy mess underneath when you finally give it a cut. Grass cutters that have an in-built grass box is easier to use as it will collect grass along the way, saving you from having to rake and pick it up afterwards.



The same applies for shrubbery and small bushes – be sure to trim these during all the seasons. If you leave them to grow then you are likely to have a much bigger job on your hands when the time comes and you can’t put it off any longer. The problem with leaving small gardening jobs is that they turn into bigger gardening jobs which often means you need additional machinery and equipment too. Cut and trim often for an easier life!



The bane of any gardener’s life! No matter how much you weed your garden, you will always have pesky weeds growing back. Always keep on top of weeding, or you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with the volume of unwanted plants in your garden. The easiest way to weed is to simply pull them out by the roots with your hands. Stronger weeds will often require a little extra assistance. Using weed killer can keep them at bay for longer – please check if you have pets or cats in the area though as this can be toxic and in some cases, fatal. If you have hardcore weeds that cannot be pulled from the ground easily then you’ll need something a little more heavy-duty such as a weed torch which uses fire to stop the growth of weeds – take a look at the weed torches in Unclutterer for inspiration.



How often you water your garden will depend on a number of different factors. Do you live in a warm and dry area? Do you have lots of plants and flowers in your garden? If you have a lot of flowers in your garden then using a hosepipe will be easier and less time-consuming. Watering cans only really work when you have a few flowers or small areas in the garden that need watering.



The more you get to know your garden, the less work will be required. It’s important to become very familiar with your plants and flowers, understand which are the healthy plants and which plants might be weeds. Take a good look at the leaves regularly and check for signs of parasites. A gardener will have a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to bugs and insects. If it looks as though you have slugs then you will need to act fast or you may find yourself with half-eaten plants and flowers. There are lots of slug repellents on the market, but many are highly-toxic. There are actually lots of things you can do to deter these slimy plant-eaters! Try using crushed eggshells around your flowers, not only do slugs hate the texture but the shells are great for soil too. If that doesn’t work then try ground coffee grains, the higher the caffeine content the more powerful the solution!



It might seem like obvious advice, but the more attention you pay to your garden, the more you will get out of the experience. Gardening should not feel like a chore. Check-in on your plants and flowers every few days. If things are looking overgrown then trim them! Dead flower heads need removing and weeds can be pulled out the moment they poke through the ground. Work on your garden little and often  – that way you won’t be overwhelmed with bigger jobs as the seasons change.

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