6 Signs Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel


6 Signs Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel

Although it’s often overlooked, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. For teenagers preening in the mirror or parents of young children desperate for a break, it can be a room people spend quite a lot of time in.

But nobody likes a damp, crowded bathroom with a toilet that won’t flush or a smelly bathroom. Visitors often make a trip to the bathroom upon arrival to freshen up after their journey. If an unpleasant or malfunctioning room is the first one they spend time in, they may start thinking of an excuse to leave early. 

If you’re aware that your bathroom needs help, but you’re not quite sold on the idea that you need to do something about it, here are six signs that your bathroom needs a remodel.

1.  Plumbing Issues

Plumbing is what makes your bathroom’s world go around. But what happens when that world collapses? The toilet won’t flush. The sink puts out more water than the actual shower does. Your bath water is a murky color. When your bathroom’s plumbing has problems, you know something is going on under the surface. Why not have a trusted plumber come out and evaluate things?

2.  Space is Scarce

If in the morning someone is trying to shave and trying harder not to elbow the other party trying to bush their hair, it’s time for a change. You could just take turns — but with a busy day ahead and a tight schedule that’s not always possible. So, there’s only one other option: expand.

You may miss being able to rest your book on the toilet while you’re in the bath, but will you really miss a bathtub so small that your knees touch your nose while you’re in it? With a bathroom remodel, you can install features you’ve been wanting or update the ones you have. You can also make the whole space more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you can add more drawers and cabinets so your products aren’t cluttering up the bedroom or one tiny bathroom shelf.

There’s very rarely a downside to more space, so embrace it and take the plunge into the remodel.

3.  There’s Grime Beyond Help

Tiles. So beautiful, so efficient, yet so hard to clean correctly. One day you splurge on a professional cleaner. You walk into your bathroom and wonder … have the spaces between those tiles always been gray?

The answer is no. The grout between the tiles started out as white but has been grungy for years. No amount of scrubbing is getting them back to the way they once were, and they’re probably outdated anyway. In fact, maybe it’s time for a whole new look to match the new tiles you’re planning to have installed.

4.  It’s Poorly Designed

You’ve been wondering since you moved in why the shower is so close to the door and there’s not enough storage space. It just doesn’t seem logical. The toilet being crammed against a side wall isn’t making the space any easier to use either.

A bathroom should leave as much space in the middle of the room as possible but that doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality to do it. It’s true that there is no one right way to have your bathroom, but there are definitely some wrong ones.

Make sure you hire a reputable remodeling company that warranties its work. For example, Everhart Construction, a company that specializes in bathroom remodels in Houston, offers clients a great warranty, “We offer all of our clients a five-year warranty on every complete bathroom remodel that we do.”

5.  The Aesthetic is Unappealing

Simply put, your bathroom is ugly. The walls don’t match the floor and the bath and toilet are slightly different shades of white. There’s no shame in wanting the beauty of your bathroom to match the rest of your house. Every room deserves to be spruced-up once in a while.

A new shower curtain, having the best bathroom exhaust fan, and some modern fixtures could tide you over for a few months, but they’re no match for just throwing in the towel and deciding you need to remodel to improve the look of this abysmal room. Good décor can bring a smile to any face.

6.  You Plan on Moving

It may seem pointless to remodel a room in a house you don’t plan on staying in, but a nice bathroom will increase the value of your property. A depressing bathroom inside an otherwise perfect house can really be the thing that turns potential buyers away. A great bathroom will not only attract more buyers, but you could get more money from the sale of your home because of it.

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