5 Unconventional ways to find new real estate clients


We all live in a digital world and promoting any kind of service online without being a professional is a true nightmare for most of us. This is especially relevant to real estate agents as they have to use all kinds of web apps and websites to find a perfect client or increase their conversion rate. Today, we gathered the top 5 ways to get the most of your time and make you stand out from the crowd. With the mentioned below tips, you will get the best value for the amount of money you spend.

1. Use Zillow to get the best and hottest leads

As stated by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 90 percent of homebuyers utilize the world wide web to find a perfect home for them. With about 195 million people visiting it every month, Zillow could be your most trustful real estate website along with being an optimal place to run your online real estate business.

In case you are already a Zillow member and would like to possess more leads, then strive to become Zillow Premier Agent, Zillow’s advertisements platform which allows you to promote local Zillow ads along with Trulia listings. Just click the link to discover the best rates in your area.

2. Spend more time polishing your conversion rate

Spending your own money on a ready real estate leads list basically means you will be left with a spreadsheet containing contact details and you would need to figure out how to turn it into your clients on your own. There are decent online solutions like BoldLeads that helps you to get yourself an exclusive list from the ZIP code area of your interest. Moreover, it supplies you with weekly updates with cool videos and webinars from the industry experts.


3. Reach out to potential clients through text messages


A non-standard solution to promote your services to sellers or buyers is text messaging. Running a mass text-bombing campaign will get you tons of quality leads in no time. In contrast to email outreach or calling, it can be really a lot more succinct and quicker solution for contacting possible clients. Since it’s not as a time-consuming and more subtle way to reach out, a lot of sellers might like a text more as opposed to the regular call.


4. Become a reliable source of information


The real estate’s universe is filled with low-cost articles, puffery, and self-promotion. Make sure that the information you’re working with is trustful and reliable. Another strong point would be if you add real value to the client’s experience with you. Most likely, other people with similar points of view and demands will notice your content online and reach out to you in case they need any help. Excellency, honesty and in-depth reviews may generate an immense number of potential prospects.
5. Use popular people search sites

Imagine, you’re in the situation when you noticed an attractive ad on local Craiglist but the seller only left his contact email instead. There’s no chance to convert that guy into your lead you might think. Let me cheer you up a bit. With the help of modern-era data brokers sites like Nuwber. Your search returned no matches? Put your mind into searching by seller’s neighbors or simply by the same street. This approach will guarantee you will increase your ROI even in some non-performing cases.

With the mentioned above tips you will be able to drive more target to your website or make a better leads list into your trusted partners or clients. Use modern technologies to get acquainted with your audience and increase return on your investments without breaking a bank.

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