5 Tips for Saving on Home Repair Costs

5 Tips for Saving on Home Repair Costs


Our homes are like our own little palaces, so it’s little wonder then that so many of us want to work on repairing and improving our houses so that they look better. The problem is, with most of us on very tight budgets, it can be hard to be able to afford to repair everything we’d like to in our homes.

Well, all is not lost, as we have some top tips for ways you can save money on repairing your home, all without you spending a fortune:

Cheaper is not always better

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest materials for home repairs, as short term this saves us the most money. But if you’re going to have to replace said material in a couple of years time or less, it can end up costing you even more in the long run.

Similarly, when it comes to paint, cheaper paints are often diluted which means you need to apply more coats, which not only means buying more paint but also spending more time painting. Always do your research, read reviews and ask plenty of questions at the hardware store to ensure you’re making the best decision for your budget.

Do basic repairs yourself but know when to call in an expert

Everyone has snags around the house they’re aching to fix but often small jobs still don’t come cheap. When it comes to putting up shelves, adding loft insulation, fixing loose fittings and general wear and tear around the house, many of these common home repairs can easily be done yourself thanks to the likes of DIY blogs and helpful YouTube tutorials.

When it comes to anything specialist however, it’s best not to attempt. In particular, plumbing and electrics should be left to an expert as inexperienced DIY jobs can leave you doing more damage to your home and a bigger repair bill at the end.

Get your home insured

Home insurance protects you from damage to your home and property from issues such as floods, fires and subsidence. Without the appropriate insurance, a common problem like a burst water pipe can leave you with a hefty bill. For cheaper home insurance, you should consider a combined policy for contents and building insurance and also look at increasing security. Fitting a burglar alarm for example could give you a lower premium. 

Source your tools and equipment yourself

Repair quotes factor in the cost of labour, materials and tools. So, if you’re looking to save money you should compare the quote for the materials with your own sourcing. You may find you can order the tiles you want cheaper online than using ones sourced by your contractor. It’s also worth haggling on the price of materials, especially if you’re ordering a lot. Many suppliers will be happy to offer a discount to secure a large order.

Install CCTV

Installing CCTV might seem like an extreme measure; however, this footage is a wonderful way to show proof of damage to both the police and insurance firms. Even if the damage wasn’t caused by someone, and rather a natural event, it can still be used as evidence in an insurance claim.

Even better, by having CCTV and signs warning of that CCTV, this can actually put a lot of vandals off from damaging your property. It can even help deter thieves who might be targeting your home or business.

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