5 Tips for Creating Your Own Home Office Setup



The entry of COVID-19 has changed the working patterns of many companies forcing them to embrace working remotely. This new shift has encouraged many employees to adopt than going back to the office. For instance, Twitter allowed their employees to work from home and with an option to stay if they so choose not to return after the pandemic.

Almost 100% of people surveyed about working online, said they would want to continue working remotely permanently. And though people opting to work remotely have been on the rise, COVID-19 has accelerated the process. The idea to work from home for many is because of the benefits it provides them such as a flexible schedule, more time with the family, no commuting, the ability to work from anywhere, and more.

Since not many people were prepared for the new developments, here are the tips to help you set up a home office that allows you to remain productive.

Secure Your Devices


Now that you have an office at home, cybersecurity is on you. Keeping your devices secure is vital for the safety of the data and any other sensitive information when connecting the internet. The first step to secure your home office is to encrypt your connection to prevent people from snooping your traffic. This is an important step, especially if using your connection to communicate with co-workers or sending sensitive information.

Thankfully, with a VPN (Virtual Private Network), it is easy to encrypt all the data from your device, meaning even data packets like HTTPS that are unencrypted are secured. Instead of using a VPN for every single device, you can use a VPN router to cover all your home devices at once connected to home Wi-Fi. It encrypts your gadgets from one source it is connected, making sure your privacy and security are sorted.

Dedicate a Space

Dedicate a room or a portion in your house to accommodate a desk and your working devices. A separate place that you can shut and disconnect from home life to work life can give you a productive environment. A dedicated space prevents visitors from time to time from interfering with your office business.

Alternatively, you can convert your table room into a dual purpose-designed not to interfere with your engagements. Creating space at home for your office helps you focus better and avoid constant distraction from members of the family.

Design Your Office

Tailor your office to reflect the color or design that enhances your working spirit. If you love bright colors to brighten your day every time in office, then choose the best bright colors. Others prefer calming colors to perform better. How you design the office may determine the kind of mood you’ll have, either positively or negatively.

Designing your room with an appealing aesthetic keeps you comfortable, relaxed, and on track. So, whether your focus is on the wall, floor, and ceiling, let it have a harmonious reflection to give you a good flow of work without any distraction.

Choose Right Equipment’s

In any office setup, the most important thing is productivity. A comfortable office is defined by the level of furnishing that goes to it. And since you spend most of your time locked in that room, choosing the right types of equipment can help you a great deal in your business success. Here are important office types of equipment you can choose:

Working Desk – Consider purchasing both sitting and standing desk to alternate while working as research shows sitting for an extended period may negatively affect your health. But to avoid crowding your office with much stuff, you can get an adjustable desk that is easy to raise or lower to a preferred height. The cost and appearance of the desk may be determined by your taste and connection it has in the office.

Comfortable chair – This is the most important equipment in your office because you spend a bigger percentage of your day on it. Invest in a good comfortable chair that is ergonomic to keep your back, thigh, and arm in a good position. Other areas to pay attention are the kind of material and warranties.

Good LightingNever underestimate the importance of lighting in your office. Lighting is not something people consider as mostly they focus on lights coming from computers, laptops, and other devices. However, sufficient light in your work area is good to help you see other physical objects in the room without struggling. Install overhead lighting on your ceiling since it does not distract your view around the room.

You can plan to bring additional types of equipment after settling with the core items above which play a significant role in your office.

Surge Protectors

After setting up your office, buy surge protector to prevent your electronic working devices from destroying electrical surges. It is important when you consider the amount of investment you put to your office plus gives you peace of mind when in office or away.

Investing in a surge protector reduces the expenses that you may incur because of power surges to your electrical devices. Surge protector’s sorts out any unexpected peaks of electricity from reaching your electronics devices. This assures you of a longer lifespan of your investment.


Adapting to the home office environment can be challenging bearing in mind various distractions that you can face from items and family. But, equipping your office with the tips above, it will enhance productivity and efficiency.


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