5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Backsplash For Your Kitchen


Your kitchen backsplash both gives your kitchen a beautiful design detail and protects your walls from stains and smoke textures. It also takes up a considerable amount of budget so it’s only wise to spend more time on choosing the right backsplash and not regretting the decision later on!

There are a variety of choices for backsplashes and you can narrow it down to materials, maintenance, cost, colors and textures, and countertops! We have compiled a list of options you can keep in mind before choosing a backsplash for your kitchen:

1. Colors and Textures

Textures can give an illusionary effect to your kitchen’s theme and give it more character as well. Choosing the right color depends on the theme of your kitchen. If you love minimalistic effects you can go for neutral colors and if you’re a person of warm textures, you can use light colors in your backsplash to give more of a quirky element to the overall design.

If you are unsure about the color and texture, you can always consult an expert kitchen remodeling company to help you with it.

2. Material

Of course you will have to think of the right material at some point. There’s an endless sea of options you can choose from. The material depends on the affordability and amount of maintenance you want for your backsplash. While there’s various options like soapstone, subway tiles, morphed glass, brick, ceramic etc.

You can mix materials and match colors! If you love a bit of a drama in the design, try mixing the same material with different finishes like metallic tiles, with stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze or brass. Mixing and matching is one of the most fun ways of deciding a backsplash material.

3. Countertops And Cabinets

Your backsplash works closely with your countertops and cabinets and they are often designed in combinations that compliment each other. You don’t want to go uniform or add too much, it’s always better to stand neutral grounds! If you have neutral countertops, you can either choose a colored backsplash or a neutral one with a variation of dark undertones, both work easily well. But if you bold and colored countertops, we recommend using a more neutral backsplash color else you might overdo the entire look!


4. Tile Size And Shape

Taking the measurements and getting the right size and shape is extremely important and tricky. If you want to stay classy and bring out the texture of the backsplash, use a standard 3×6 tile or even a 4×4. If you choose a size that’s too big, it will cancel the texture like zooming in too much distorts the pixels of a picture!

After the size comes the shape. Tiles can be moulded into almost any shape but choosing the wrong shape can overdo the kitchen’s look. If you have contemporary, natural or mid-century kitchens, you can choose classic moroccon shaped tiles or even straight narrow brick shapes. It really all comes down to the right choice of shapes. Since you’re already spending a good sum on the backsplash, why not spend it carefully!

5. Backsplash Height

When it comes to the area the backsplash will be covering, you have to know when to stop. If you are doing a colored backsplash but decide to take it above the cabinets and give it more area, you will turn your kitchen into a mess of colors which dominates the rest of the features of the kitchen’s design. Make your cabinetry the deciding factor to end the backsplash.

But if you want to see more texture on the wall, try choosing a more neutral texture for the backsplash and then you can extend to your sink and above your stove. You can do whatever you want as long you keep in mind the other elements of the design it will affect!



There are so many combinations and design elements going on the background of the kitchen’s design that it’s hard to keep up! You can use our list as a backbone for choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen and putting the money where it belongs!

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