5 Reliable Construction Tips That Will Save You Money


5 Reliable Construction Tips That Will Save You Money


Looking to renovate or build a new home?  Either way, any construction project usually ends up costing a lot more than you anticipate so it’s always good following certain guidelines that will prevent frustration and possibly the draining of your bank account!


Here are 5 tips from CostCertified that will save you money for your next construction project:


Tip 1: Get a clear, accurate estimate.

Construction estimates are usually static and vague.  It is very important you find a contractor that provides you with an estimate that is very clear on what you’re getting and for what price.  Try to avoid “allowance pricing” if possible since your price will almost always go up after you make your selections.  Most contractors are forced to use allowance pricing because there’s not a good alternative.  However, there are technology and software platforms that provide real-time upgrades and prices so that the consumer has a much more accurate quote.


Tip 2: Don’t be cheap (I know, it seems like the opposite of saving money).

It’s so tempting to try to “cut corners” and save money by choosing the cheaper option.  But, when it comes to your home, that’s never a good idea.  You already are paying for the labor so why not spend a little more on the quality of the materials?  Not only will it last longer and you’ll love it but the resale value of your home will be higher as well.  Generally speaking, investing in higher quality and smart technologies like touchless access control will make you happier in the long run.  You could cheap out on your kitchen cabinets but over time they will get a bunch of chips and look bad.  Quality cabinets hardly look any different many years later.  Of course, everyone has a budget so you can’t always choose the best quality.  But, just keep in mind that things you use a lot should probably be higher quality and it will actually save you money over the years!


Tip 3: Reduce the size.

Do you really need that big of a home?  Or do you really need to add the extra room?  Our society has decided that bigger is better.  But that’s not always the case.  Bigger homes cost more and they don’t necessarily make you happier.  So do your best to cut down on the size of your project which will help you save quite a bit of money.


Tip 4: Get multiple estimates.

This is tied to tip #1 but it’s important to separate it.  Don’t just settle on your first estimate.  Make sure you meet with a handful of contractors before making a decision.  Each contractor will offer a unique perspective and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.  Some will be cheaper and some more expensive.  The cheaper ones aren’t always the best and shoddy work always costs you more in the long run.  Make sure you get referrals and call some of their past customers to get feedback.


Tip 5: Have a clear vision.

Don’t begin a construction project with a vague idea of what you want to get done.  That will lead to many changes in work orders and your cost will go drastically up over the life of the project.  The more clear you are before the project begins the more money you’ll save in the long run.  So take the time to really think about it and plan it out properly.


Hopefully these quick tips will save you money on your next construction project!


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