5 reasons you should choose Aluminium Windows in your new build


5 reasons you should choose Aluminium Windows in your new build


The variety of window frames and accompanying literature on what type of window to use often cause confusion among shoppers. Windows made from wood, aluminium, uPVC, vinyl, and carbon fibre are among the favourites. However, the technology behind aluminium window frames has developed to an extent where it’s possible to claim that aluminium is the most practical among all these options.


Aluminium is a material of choice because modern aluminium panels offer as much insulation as wood. The material is also stronger and longer-lasting than a traditional uPVC frame. Similarly, the integration of safety features is much easier compared to fiberglass or vinyl. Overall, aluminium offers much more value than other materials in terms of long-term costs and features. The following are the top five reasons why you should choose aluminium in your new build:


Reasons to choose Aluminium Windows


       ●       Strength: Aluminium windows are strong and lightweight. Due to the chemical properties of the element, an aluminium window can be tailored to fit any corner or bend without losing its strength. According to the research, the original strength of the element is 90MPa, which can be increased to almost 690MPa for some heat-treatable aluminium alloys. For homeowners, it means that they can safely use aluminium frames to provide strength to their homes. In fact, it’s this strength that makes aluminium last almost a lifetime without losing its original shape.

 The lightweight feature of these windows enables even the slimmer of frames to hold a large glass. The large glass panel not only improves aesthetic value, but it also allows maximum light to filter through the glass. Since sleek and small aluminium window frames can hold large glass, the maximum glass used in the doors and windows blurs the indoor and outdoor boundaries increasing the curb appeal.

 The strength also helps designers create optimal design patterns. Popular models include top-hung, horizontal sliding and side hung windows. Numerous architects and homeowners also love large glass panels on sliding and fold-a-side doors. Overall, if you need a great combination of strength and flexibility in design, there is perhaps no match for aluminium window panels.

       ●     Value: Aluminium windows offer much greater value than their counterparts in terms of cost. When shopping for windows, most consumers only look at the upfront cost ignoring the long-term expense associated with windows made from wood and other materials. For instance, aluminium provides much greater value as it does not require treatments for pest infestations. Compare this to a wooden window that requires intensive treatment once every two years.

 The value is also enhanced by the ability of aluminium to retain its shape and size in almost any weather condition. For someone living in a harsh climate, house renovation takes a major chunk of their home expense because the homeowner consistently needs to treat window frames that get destroyed or broken due to high winds, moisture, and temperature.

 Another important factor is the value gained from the larger surface area of the glass panel. Since a very slim aluminium frame can easily hold a large glass panel, the cost per square feet of the glass surface is almost comparable to wooden or uPVC windows. In fact, it’s futile to compare the upfront cost of another window to an aluminium window frame as the overall value of aluminium window is difficult to match in the long-run.


       ●     Safety: Using aluminium joinery windows, homeowners can increase the safety of their homes. The flexible design of these windows allows suppliers to include additional safety parameters inside the window. These safety features constitute locks, deadbolts, and a variety of high-tech safety mechanisms. Nowadays, double-glazed doors are also used to prevent intruders from breaking into a house.

 Since aluminium is a very high-strength material, its very difficult for criminals and thieves to penetrate the outer frame. The strength also ensures that simple crowbars and small drill machines are made useless. In fact, the aluminium joinery system can be customized to include industrial-grade alloy that will make even the most hardened criminals shy away from entering a home.

 It seems that the sky is the limit when it comes to the type of safety equipment that homeowners can use with an aluminium frame. If you really need a powerful safety feature, then consult the Auckland based WindowFactory, which is a family-owned business popular for offering tailor-made solutions to clients. In addition, homeowners can find a lot of new and high-tech designs at very reasonable prices at one of their outlets.

       ●       Energy Efficient: A decade earlier, it was common for constructors to use wood as their most preferred material due to its insulating features. Fortunately, technology has evolved to an extent where aluminium is becoming the material of choice. Using a variety of features, modern aluminium joinery windows have overcome its initial drawbacks. Using techniques such as double glazing, warm edge spacers, low e-coatings, and weather seals, designers have enhanced the insulation to match or exceed wooden window frames.

 The insulation properties of aluminium panels have responded to the technology because the material is lightweight, malleable, and easy to work with. The design of the aluminium doors and windows can be changed to create optimum tightness protecting any home from air, water, and wind. The end result is a reduction in energy bills and homes that can maintain desired temperatures in every type of weather.

 It’s also true that recycling aluminium only requires 5% of the initial energy required to consume it. Anyone looking to decrease the carbon footprint will definitely love aluminium because it’s supremely durable. Due to the longer lifespan, experts believe that 75% of the original aluminium created is still intact, which is great news for lovers of sustainable products.

       ●       Resistance to Bushfire: While bushfires are often only attributed to Australia, the rising scale of summer fires in New Zealand are also becoming much more common. According to Guardian, bushfire season in NewZealand is expected to grow more intense and longer. For the residents of North Island, the frequency of high fire-risk days will double or triple in the coming years.

 Due to these global climatic changes, bushfires are increasingly becoming an imminent threat to almost every home in New Zealand and Australia. While everyone may not be in imminent danger of this natural catastrophe, homeowners should realize that even small household fires spread through windows and air vents can cause considerable property damage. These air passages inside window frames provide oxygen to the fire flame resulting in disasters.

 Luckily, aluminium frames offer resistance to flames. A reputable company such as WindowFactory can also provide guidance on the Fire Resistance Codes and Bushfire Attack Level rating system. These systems are used by construction companies to determine the type of resistance required to protect a home. Depending on the location of the home and the risk of bushfire in the area, an expert can guide consumers regarding industrial-grade windows that can help in diminishing such risks.



When shopping for aluminium doors and panels, just make sure to talk to an expert before installing windows. WindowFactory can help provide a practical solution within your budget. It’s an Auckland based family-based company that has been in business for four decades. Use their expertise and size to get the perfect window at a very competitive rate.



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