5 Reasons to Consider Working with Locksmiths after Buying a Home


If you have just purchased a new home, then congratulations are in order! It’s a wonderful feeling to finally get into the house after all the hassle with getting the mortgage, dealing with realtors and inspectors, obtaining insurance, and all the rest. However, it can be easy to overlook a few important things in the process, including the need to work with locksmiths to change your door locks. Why should you bother?

1. You Don’t Know Who Might Have a Key

First, you should contact domestic locksmiths to change your new home’s locks simply because you don’t know who else might have a key to the home. The realtor might have a copy. The seller could still have a copy. Contractors, cleaners, even friends of the previous family to live in the home could all have copies. That’s a lot of people with access to your home!

2. You Ensure the Lock Is Working Properly

Another reason that you should compare prices from locksmiths is that you can ensure that the lock is working properly. When you move into a home, you have no real guarantee of the age or condition of the lock. It could be an old lock that has simply been lubricated enough to remove stiffness – it could freeze on you at some point. If it is an older lock, then chances are good it is nearly the end of its life anyway.

3. You Can Upgrade the Strength of the Lock

We often think that things were made stronger in the past. In some instances, that’s true. However, it’s not really the case with door locks. Newer locks are much stronger, made with more durable metals, and are more difficult to force. Working with domestic locksmiths ensures that you can improve your safety and security in your new home.

4. You Can Improve the Door Hardware

Another great reason to consider changing out the lock is as part of a change to the door hardware itself. This allows you to add the handle and lock that you find most appealing in order to tie into your sense of aesthetics, rather than leaving you with whatever the previous owner or builder thought looked nice.

5. You Get Peace of Mind

Finally, when you work with locksmiths to change your door locks after buying a home, you gain peace of mind. You know exactly who has copies of the key, and that your home’s main entry points are protected against thieves. It makes it possible to relax in the home and actually enjoy your life.

If you have recently purchased a home, we invite you to get in touch with your local locksmith. For example Advanced Lock & Key can provide you with a wide range of domestic locksmith services, including lock replacement. They can also help if you have locked yourself out, if the lock is jammed and you cannot operate it, and in many other situations.

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