5 Helpful Tips for Getting Organised in the Bedroom


5 Helpful Tips for Getting Organised in the Bedroom

Is your room a mess? Perhaps it’s a bit cluttered, or maybe you just need to apply some thoughtful organisation strategies. We invite you to consider the following 5 tips for getting organised in the bedroom:

1. Tidy Up Your Desk

Your desk is likely one of the first places in your bedroom to get cluttered and messy, so it’s the ideal spot to start with when you need to tidy up:

       Sort through any papers on your desktop and decide whether to file them or toss them in the bin.

       Use labels to differentiate your files and organisers.

       Collect your pencils and markers into a mug or pencil caddy.

       Display your calendar prominently to ensure you stay on track with the engagements you have planned.

2. Organise Your Bed Linens

If you have a separate linen closet, that’s the ideal spot to store your bed linens. You can use shelf dividers to separate out different types of linens – for example, if you have linens made of different fibres, you’ll probably want to separate your bamboo pillowcases and bed sheet sets from your cotton ones or your cotton blends.

If your household has multiple bed sizes, you’ll also want to separate your twin sheets sets from your queen sized sets. Be sure to place helpful labels to designate which sizes and fibres are which. This will help you save time when you change the sheets and make up the beds.

If you don’t have a linen closet, you have multiple other possibilities for storing your linens. You could set a storage ottoman at the foot of each bed, and the linens could be placed inside of these ottomans when they’re not in use. Another alternative would be to designate an under-the-bed storage container to hold each family member’s unused linens.

3. Install Shelving

Shelving is an easy way to create more storage space in your bedroom. Once installed, shelves can hold books, clocks, vases, figurines, potted plants or all sorts of other small objects.

If your shelving is tasked with holding a hodgepodge of mismatched items, you can place the items in baskets before storing them on the shelves. That way, the items won’t all be on display in plain view. Labeling the baskets will be helpful for faster retrieval of the items inside.

4. Use Wall Hooks in the Closet

Wall hooks can make it easier to see the items you have stored in your closet, which saves you time in hunting for your belongings. Hooks can also free up heaps of space in the closet that would be wasted otherwise. They’re the ideal solution for hanging oddly shaped items like hats that would take up too much space on your shelves or in your drawers.

5. Make Sure Every Item Has a Suitable Place

If you have a designated spot to put every one of your belongings, it becomes much easier to keep your bedroom tidy. This is because you can easily return each item to its spot when you are finished using it.

If you’re identifying numerous items that are lacking a dedicated space of their own, these could be some of your worst stumbling blocks to maintaining an organised home. When you come across these “homeless” items, make an effort to either find a “home” for them, or declutter them.

In the future, you can be proactive and think ahead to where you will store each item before you even buy it. If you don’t have a suitable space to keep it, you should avoid committing to the purchase.

Following these 5 suggestions can help you maintain a dramatically better organised bedroom. You’ll be so much happier to spend time in your room once the space is beautifully organised.

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