5 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Modern Farmhouse Kitchen



The kitchen is where we spend a lot of time in a day. It’s a place where our family comes together. It’s where we have a few precious moments to connect, catch up, and share a quick meal before everyone leaves the house to face the day. That’s why we want our kitchen to feel like the heart of the home, to be a safe place where everyone feels relaxed and happy.


The farmhouse kitchen is a family kitchen; it’s a place that should always be alive. It’s a great design choice for families with kids or people who often cook and host dinner for their friends. Farmhouse kitchen means a welcoming atmosphere, ease, and coziness. It’s a great way to feel closer to nature and feel connected to your roots even if you’re actually in the center of a busy city.


Building your dream farmhouse kitchen can be quite an investment, so it’s good to know a few simple ways to add more color to it that won’t ruin your budget. Below you can find five ideas that will help you upgrade your farmhouse kitchen affordably and easily.


A Kitchen Is a Cozy Place. Think of Colorful Carpet


According to https://www.annieandoak.com/, “The farmhouse style has become one of the most popular kitchen designs today. And it’s easy to see why. Compared to a more modern style that looks like a kitchen from the future, a farmhouse kitchen has that cozy and inviting vibe that you want to experience in your day-to-day life.”


If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, a colorful carpet can be just what you need. You can go for a modern farmhouse kitchen vibe by adding a contrasting, hipster type of rug. Are you more a rustic style fan? That’s great! Simply go for a more traditional design, possibly with a folk pattern. That will really boost the feel of the country kitchen!


Make It Bloom! Get Fresh Flowers


No faster way to refresh your modern farmhouse kitchen than a bunch of colorful flowers! We’re fans of “straight-from-the-meadow” field flowers mix, but anything will work here! Our advice is to include some red, pink, or yellow shades to create a nice contract with these white kitchen cabinets. Immediate pop of some color! And not to mention the scent!


Details Are What Counts. More Attention to Textiles


Are you the kind of person that quickly gets used to a new interior? You’re not the only one! There’s a simple solution that allows you to tweak your farmhouse kitchen frequently and on the budget. Say hello to textiles! We are talking about everything from the kitchenware to tablecloth and napkins. All you have to do is to get a few different sets and organize them as you please! The best combinations are usually a result of the mix-and-match approach.


Urban Jungle? Urban Kitchen!


Farmhouse kitchen design is close to nature: wooden floor, white cabinets, traditional sink. If you’re thinking to spice up the style a little, you can quickly refresh and highlight your kitchen by bringing some greens in! We’re thinking terracotta pots full of essential herbs… or a bunch of grandma-style flowerpots with old-school kitchen plants. Find your style and turn your place into an urban jungle.


Don’t Forget about the Food!


Do you want to add more color to your farmhouse kitchen? Start by getting the groceries! The most beautiful shades can be found in nature. Throw a bunch of oranges into a blue bowl and set it on the kitchen counter. You can also place a handful of tomatoes and a few aubergines in a wooden bowl. That’s a great contrast to these “subway-style” white tiles. Farmhouse kitchen ideas should originate from Mother Earth! Go to the farmer’s market and get inspired.


The Bottom Line


As you can see, to ensure the productive and organized home it’s easy to refresh the kitchen and add more life to it. Playing with the colors will surely help you create a totally new atmosphere that invites everyone to hang out there. There is no need to invest in expensive renovations; the point is to be creative and use affordable items, such as plants. Even a couple of tomatoes and avocados can make a great display. 


Feeling excited? Let’s turn the ideas into action and hit a store today. You are only a few hours apart from joyful moments in your upgraded farmhouse kitchen. These small tips will help you to keep the farmhouse spirit alive for long!

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