Charleston is a city well-regarded for its lovely tourist centers. Located in South Carolina, its friendly climate, fabulous beaches, relaxation centers (art, museums, galleries) and view of the Atlantic Ocean can not be underestimated. Aside from its beautiful and lovely spots, it is a city that runs on relatively low budgets. Living here forever can be anyone’s dream as you get to enjoy all that nature has to offer as well as the city’s perks itself. So far, it is often considered a perfect spot for retirement because of its budgets, relaxation centers, culture and so on. In this article on Retirement Charleston we consider five (5) best communities in this fantastic city.




This is a sea island that is home to world-class restaurants and golf resorts. Previously inhabited by the Kiawah Indians, it was used for farming-related activities. The island is now known for a private beach, golf course, country parks and other leisure activities. The average cost of rent is $1,700 while the average cost of a home is $1,300,000. Most celebrities and billionaires are known to have a home on this Island.




Located between Downtown and Folly Beach, James Island is just 2 miles away from the heart of the city. It was named after Benjamin Stiles who owned a cotton plantation in the area. It consists of about 12,000 residents. Although it was predominantly a rural area many years ago, the city has been rebuilt to fit in with the contemporary world. The antebellum architectural style coupled with in-ground pool and many others makes the place one of the most desirable communities in the city. Several amenities such as restaurants, shops and access to leisure activities make the place fabulous for living. The restaurant is designed exclusively for one as it offers various kinds of dishes (English, French, Italian, Mexican and so on). Top sights include Waterfront Park, Historic Charleston City Market, Rainbow Row among many others.





Johns Island is a popular island in Charleston. Bounded by Wadmalaw Island in the East and James Island in the West, it is located twelve miles from the city. It is usually a gated community having grim balls gates as a popular landmark. It is largely surrounded by water and this makes most of its activities water-related. On the island, there is a community dock for boating, fishing, kayaking as well as storage of private boats. It is home to the Angel Oak which is claimed to be 500 years old. In spite of its water-related activities, the area is known for walking trods, private entertainment pavilion and hiking which makes the place perfect for relaxation.




Separated from South Carolina by the Cooper Islands, Mount Pleasant is a place for all to see. It is close to the Isles of Palm and Sullivan Island. It is regarded as the fourth largest town in South Carolina. As of 2019, the city has about 91,000 residents. Mount Pleasant is a city with a friendly climate and has several amenities. The median cost of rent is about $1,500 while the median cost of homes is about $441,600. There are a lot of leisure activities which makes lifestyle interesting and enjoyable. Mount Pleasant is known for its restaurant, coffee shops, parks and shopping centers. Its restaurants offer a variety of dishes (English, French, African and so on ). Famous top sights in Mount Pleasure include Future Park, Waterfront Park, Palmetto Island County Park and many more.




With 20 smaller neighborhoods and about 49,000 residents, Summer Ville is the 7the largest area in South Carolina. It is known for its richness in art and culture as well as historic monuments. The average cost of rent is $1,000 while a home costs about $199,500. Popular sights in the area include Azalea Park, Middleton Park, Gahagan Park and several others.



Living in Charleston can be fun and interesting especially after retirement. It is relaxing, beautiful and captivating. That is why Retirement Charleston offers to help by providing you with a home full of comfort. With this, you get to enjoy all that the communities have to offer as well as its benefits. Ensure to sign up for Retirement Charleston today.


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