5 Areas in the Home That Need Cleaning


Unless you clean your home on a regular basis, chances are you will never know how dirty it can really get or what places can get dirty without you realizing it.

With so many areas of the home that have the potential to become dirty, homeowners do not usually realize that they need to be cleaned as often as other areas. This type of neglect can lead to a buildup of dust and dirt that could be full of bacteria and viruses. To alleviate the chances of unknowingly growing a haven for germs, you should know about the five areas in the home that do not get cleaned as often as they should.

1. Laundry Room and Washing Machine

If you think that your laundry room is always going to be clean, then you really need to change your way of thinking. This is especially true if you think that your washing machine will always remain clean since it’s always washing your laundry. However, if you have never cleaned your washing machine before, then how can you say that you truly know how to wash a weighted blanket when you don’t know if your machine is clean? This is why it is important to clean your washing machine at least monthly. Only after your washing machine is clean can you truly say you have clean laundry and blankets.

2. Everything That Has a Switch, Knob or Handle

Places that have a switch, knob, or handle should be viewed as a place where many germs could accumulate over time.

With so many places for germs to accumulate, here are a few places considered to contain the most germs and bacteria:

      • Knobs on your oven

      • Light switches to any and all rooms

      • Handles of your refrigerator

Cleaning these fixtures weekly will prevent the buildup of germs. Using disinfectant to wipe these will be the best method to keep them clean.

Also, make sure that each knob, switch, and handle has its own clean wipe and not the same one you used for a different handle or knob. This will eliminate cross-contamination.

3. The Bathroom

We all should know that the bathroom is not going to be the cleanest area of the home. However, what people fail to realize is not that it is the bathroom itself but the parts of the bathroom that often gets overlooked while cleaning. These areas of the bathroom include:

      • Bathtub drains

      • Sink and shower faucets

      • Toilet

Spraying these areas with disinfectant and allowing it to sit before rinsing is the best way to get these areas clean. Make sure to accomplish this cleaning every day.

4. Common Areas and Office

Common areas, such as the family room or office, can be a breeding ground for germs. Items such as your computer, remotes, and other types of electronics get shared by the entire family as well as friends of the family. Because of this constant sharing, there is a high chance for these items to contain high amounts of mold and yeast as well as other germs like staph.

To eliminate any chance of coming into contact with any of these pathogens, it is best to give them a good wipe with a disinfectant. Once these areas have been disinfected, make sure to have hands washed prior to touching and using them, especially when coming in from outside.

5. All Closet Spaces

We have all done it. We hide our mess within our closet and then let it sit there for who knows how long. Chances are, your closet will be in dire need of a cleaning, particularly when your closet is prone to mildew buildup. When you clean your closet every ninety days, you will be eliminating any chance of bacteria growing.

As you can see, there are many areas in the home that can cause quite a problem if not taken care of regularly. Making sure not to forget about these areas is vital in keeping you, your family, and friends healthy every day. Cleaning these areas will cut down or even eliminate the presence of germs and viruses. Plus, who doesn’t like a clean home?

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