4 Ways to keep your new build housing project running to schedule


4 ways to keep a new build housing project running to schedule

Due to the many factors involved with new build housing developments, keeping the project running to schedule is not always easy. When customers reserve a property, they must be given an anticipated entry date window so they have a rough idea of when occupation will take place. As things progress, the entry date parameters given must shorten so that they have an even better indication. Clients need to arrange removals, broadband connections, and a host of other things and so they need to be given as much notice as possible of their entry date. If things change at the last minute, it can have severe repercussions not only to clients but to your financial budget. Here are 4 ways to keep a new build housing project running to schedule.

Ensure your build programme is accurate

It is all very well trying to meet the dates shown in the build programme, but if they aren’t realistic in the first place, it is unlikely that they will be achieved. Extensive talks with your engineers and technical teams will ensure that you are aware of any ground contamination issues or technical problems that may arise or need to be dealt with in advance. You can then factor them in when the programme is being produced.

Portable facilities

For staff to work safely on site and to ensure that you are conforming with H&S guidelines, various facilities need to be put in place. Site cabins should be ordered well in advance as should additional portable toilet facilities if required. Companies like Portable Facilities can arrange everything you need. They can also arrange sales requirements such as marketing suites. Having a sales presence as early as possible will also help meet your overall budgeted timescales. Visit them at https://www.portable-facilities.co.uk




As with any business, communication is key. The site manager must have regular talks with the on-site sales advisors. This will ensure things such as the client’s choices of kitchen units, worktops, and tiles are made well in advance. If they are not chosen timeously, they cannot be called off, which can cause major delays with the internals of a property being completed. Most housebuilders will have weekly sales build meetings. Various discussions will take place to allow both departments to have a full understanding of how the programme versus the actual build progress is looking. Similarly, talks should be ongoing with sub-contractors to ensure that they have been programmed in to carry out any works on each home as per the build timetable.


A construction site needs lots of staff to make it run like clockwork. Site managers, assistant managers, forklift drivers, and laborers are needed. If a development is not adequately manned, delays can occur, and so it is important to ensure that you have adequate resources. When putting together a build programme, ensure it factors in how many construction staff and sub-contractors will be on-site every day. If you don’t, dates may well slip.



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