4 ways plastic sheets are ideal for home improvement projects


4 ways plastic sheets are ideal for home improvement projects

As fashionable as your home is, one thing is certain – trends will change and those decisions, which were once bold and unique, will eventually, start to feel tired and feel outdated as time goes by. With many home improvement or interior design projects, this could mean expensive redesigns and new furniture. Thankfully, the variety of plastic sheets that are available can help to solve this problem. While you may have only thought of it as a material for craft projects, acrylic sheets are actually ideal for numerous larger projects too. So let us look at some of the best ways that plastic sheets can benefit your projects.

1.       Kitchen Splashback

From frosted white to opaque green, the wide variety of colours and finishes that acrylic sheets come in are just one of the reasons that they are such a good option for your new kitchen splashback.

Waterproof, easy to clean, lighter than glass and easier to work with, acrylic sheets offer all the benefits and style of glass without the additional weight and costs. This means that getting bespoke pieces cut to size is quick and easy. Better still, they can be attached over existing tiles, saving a great deal of work. When the time comes for a change of style, they will be as simple to replace as they are to install.

2.       Tables and chairs

Sometimes DIY projects need to go further than just picture frames. If you are looking for a larger project, why not try making your own tables and chairs? Acrylic sheets are strong and durable, but are also easy to manipulate, with shaping and moulding simple achieve without expert help. All that is limiting your designs is your creativity.

From kitchen stools to a dining table and chairs, acrylic can be used for almost any small furniture you can think of. Thanks to the durability of the material, acrylic sheeting is scratch resistant and sturdy – perfect for furniture which gets daily use.

3.       Alternative to glass

From greenhouses to cabinets, homes and gardens are filled with glass. When the time comes to redecorate, consider swapping out the panes of glass for clear acrylic. Not only does it have 17 times the impact strength of glass, it is also shatterproof, making it much safer and less likely to break– perfect for greenhouses that could otherwise be vulnerable to stray footballs.

Unlike glass, acrylic sheets are far easier to cut and can be worked on using the same tools as wood, meaning that it can be used to replace even the most uniquely-shaped panes. Better still, the range of colours and finishes can help to refresh tired furniture.

4.       Exterior repairs

Another type of plastic that could be considered for improvements around the home is Polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC.  

The exterior walls of buildings have to face a lot of stress from extremes of temperature and the weather. To protect against damage, cladding is often used to cover the walls, and many of the properties of PVC make it ideal for the task. As simple to work with as acrylic, PVC makes for a genuine alternative to more traditional materials.

Solid PVC sheets can protect against water damage, UV and extremes of hot and cold temperatures. The water resistance also doubles as an aesthetic benefit as it is simple to clean and can remain looking its best for many years.

Switching from wood or brick cladding not only makes big savings, but is also means that should repairs be required, it will be quick and affordable to install replacements.

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