4 Things You Need to Know When Buying a Condo in Arlington


4 Things You Need to Know When Buying a Condo in Arlington

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that buying an Arlington condo is the same as purchasing a single family home. Condo purchases require many specific considerations to be taken into account. But if you take this advice and look carefully at how to buy a condo, you can benefit from acquiring a home you love at a lower price than a single family home.

Condominium Communities – No Two Are The Same 

Condos are buildings where individual owners live in separate condos, or units and collectively make up what is commonly known as a condo community. Condos, otherwise known as condominiums, most often include extra facilities and services such as pools, gardens, or fitness centers 

Every condo community in Arlington is different, and each building will have its own fees, management, rules, and facilities. It is important to do your research before you buy. If you’re confused, take a look at these ideas for successfully purchasing Arlington VA Condos.


1. Decide If a Condo is Right For You

It is important to understand, right at the start of the process, your reasons for choosing a condo over a single family home. Will a condo be the right fit for you? Think about whether you want to live close to neighbors. Do you want to do all your own maintenance and gardening (condos typically include maintenance, which is excellent for anyone who wants to spend time on other things.) Do you like the idea of being involved in a condo community?


2. Find the Right Condo For Your Own Needs

Just as every condo is different, every buyer is different. Check what the condo includes and whether this is suitable for you. For example, some condos provide additional parking for visitors, and others do not have reserved parking at all. Some condos provide storage facilities outside the unit. Others have leisure facilities like swimming pools while some buildings have only minimal facilities. Check what is included in the purchase price to see how well it meets your needs. 


3. Work With an Agent Who Knows Condos

Buying a condo in Arlington VA is different from buying in another state and selling condos is different from selling multi-family or single family property. You need to work with an experienced real estate agent who knows how to deal with the contracts and the contingencies involved in selling condos. It also helps to work with an experienced agent since they will be knowledgeable about Arlington condo communities and will have insider details on where is best for you to buy.


4. Check Out the Association Fees

Condos in Arlington include fees that are payable to cover the expenses such as maintenance and building insurance. While you will want to know how much these fees are, it is also important to find out about the reserves the condo community has, how the fees are divided, and where they go. Additional fees may include water, trash collection, road maintenance, and more. In order to understand if you will be able to afford the condo, it is important to know all the costs involved.

5.   Peace of Mind 

Investing in a condo is one of life’s big events – it is a likely to be a substantial investment of time and money. Checking facts, getting all the small details right and choosing a realtor who really does know the market before making a commitment will guarantee you peace of mind and restful sleep safe in the knowledge you have made the right choice.

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