4 Things to Look Out For When Renting an Apartment in NY


Getting the perfect place to live in New York City is pretty important. Because if you are going to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, why don’t you go the extra step and find a place that is indeed what you are looking for?


But in such a big city, the supply is pretty big. That doesn’t mean, however, that the demand isn’t even more. That’s why it’s important to act and decide fast. But there are also some tricks to apartment hunting in New York as well.


So, let’s dive in head-first and share four tips on how you can find the perfect apartment in the Big Apple.

Make sure you find a good broker

Ok, one of the most important things that you should do before you start searching for an apartment even is to find a broker that’s worth their money. Now, there are plenty of great brokerage companies in NYC that can provide the service, but more important is why you need it.


Because, if you don’t, you risk renting sight unseen, and the property that you think has rented, turns out to be a bit more… filthy than you anticipated.


Just make sure everything is written in an agreement and all fees are listed clearly in there. The last thing you would want is to get an invoice for a larger amount than you initially anticipated.


Advertised rent vs what you’re really paying

It’s not uncommon for New Yorkers to get a rent-free month, but just like you imagined, it’s not really as good as it seems.


Instead of paying rent that’s suitable to your property, you’re covering that free month spread throughout the month.


You’re just paying a higher gross amount at the end of each month. And that’s not really that great. So, make sure exactly how much you’re paying each month and just don’t fall for the free month things. If you want to save some money on rent, you can take a look at No-Fee Apartments NYC – 2817 No-Fee Rentals in NYC | PropertyClub, as there are plenty of hassle-free options.

You can get a bedbug history on the property

Okay, New York is definitely somewhat known as a place where pests aren’t really lacking. And, as someone who rents property, you’re entitled to getting a full bedbug report.


That way you can be sure that you’re getting yourself a place that’s either pest free, or has had a professional pest control service recently performed at the property.

And don’t forget to ask your previous landlord for a letter of recommendations

This can actually help you get an apartment even faster (if you’ve been a great tenant). Every landlord wants to know that their property is taken good care of and they won’t have to deal with a bad property when you leave.


So, however, you decide to find your next home in New York, make sure that you’re smart about it, and request a recommendation from your previous landlord. And if it’s not your first time, then you’ll definitely agree with the things on the list.


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