4 Reasons Why You Should Install a Lockbox on Your Real Estate Property


Being able to view the rooms of a residential or commercial property is a thrilling experience for buyers. When they can see the interior of a home or building, it’s easier for them to visualize how they’ll use the space. However, before buyers are able to view a property, real estate sellers will need to make sure that the keys to the place are in safe hands. As such, many agents will have to travel to the real estate office to pick up the keys. In other cases, the owner of the property will be physically present during the viewing to hand off the keys.

These methods will ensure that the keys to the property are secure. Nevertheless, they can negatively affect the buyers’ experience. Not only will they have to wait for the keys to arrive, but they can also be intimidated by the presence of the property owner. Fortunately, these issues can be addressed if real estate property sellers use a lockbox.

A lockbox is a device that’s designed to hold the keys to a property. It’s typically hung around the doorknob of the building, but many modern lockboxes can be placed anywhere like the garage door. Lockboxes come in a variety of types and styles. To know more about the different types of lockboxes available on the market, please visit this website.

High-quality lockboxes aren’t cheap, so it can be costly for real estate companies that own several properties. However, it’s worth investing in a lockbox due to the following benefits:

1. Keeps the Key to the Property in a Safe Place

The lockbox’s main function is to safekeep the keys of the property, so it’s made from durable and long-lasting materials. It also features an intuitive design that not only makes it easy to use, but also prevents thieves from breaking into the building. With a high-quality lockbox, sellers can rest assure that it’ll remain in good condition – even when it’s constantly exposed to the elements – and deter unwarranted entry.

2. Simplifies the Viewing Process

With the lockbox located within the property’s vicinity, the viewing process will be simplified. This is because real estate agents will no longer have to go to the office to pick up the keys, resulting in having more time to meet with potential buyers and showoff the property. This also means that agents can schedule visits more frequently since it’s easier to access the building.

3. It Comes with High-Tech Features

Traditional lockboxes will require agents to use a manual key, input a security code, or a swipe card before they’re able to get the keys. These features do add some security, but if property sellers want a more robust system, they can invest in modern lockboxes. Electronic lockboxes, for example, can be configured to allow agents to visit the property at certain hours. High-tech lockboxes, on the other hand, come with Bluetooth-enabled locks that can only be accessed when agents input a personal code via an app. Additionally, some modern lockboxes come with software that send real-time updates to the seller, making it easier to keep an eye on who’s accessing the property.

4. Leaves a Good Impression

Using a high-quality lockbox doesn’t only keep the property safe, but it also leaves a good impression on potential buyers. When visitors see that the sellers and agents care about the security of the property, it gives them peace of mind knowing that the space they’re looking at is secure.

How to Use a Lockbox Effectively

To maximize the benefits of a high-quality lockbox, property owners will have to use them effectively. It’s best to switch up the lockbox’s code regularly or implement a one-day code system to reduce the risk of unwarranted access. They can also set unique pins to different agents, so it’s more manageable to monitor who is accessing the property and when.

Nevertheless, sellers should refrain from using complicated codes, pins, or mechanics. Real estate agents must be able to unlock the lockbox with ease, after all. As such, it’s crucial for sellers to create security methods that work with their brand and keep their agents updated when changes are made.

Selling real estate comes with a lot of challenges, and showing properties for sale to interested buyers is one of them. It’s important for property owners and their agents to attend to their clients’ needs as soon as possible, but this can be difficult especially when grabbing the keys to the building takes time. Thankfully, property owners can make things more convent for their brand, as well as their buyers, if they install a lockbox on every property in their listings. With a high-quality lockbox, sellers can rest easy knowing that their keys are in a secure place, their properties are accessed by the right people at the right time, and they’re delivering quality services to their clients.

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