3 Things To Remember To Attract More Potential Buyers At An Open House


There are various things you can do to help you attract more homebuyers during an open house. Many people underestimate the impact that good presentation can have on a property’s popularity. This is especially important if you’re trying to get rid of your house fast. During inspections, you’re essentially presenting the home to prospective homebuyers so they have a chance to look around and evaluate its interior and exterior. Placing nice furniture, for instance, allows them to imagine what the place would feel like if they were to move in.

Although putting your house on the market is the traditional way to sell, you may prefer to contact a business dedicated to buying and selling homes fast. Companies like Time Worthy Property Solutions will purchase your home as-is without charging you hefty commissions.

If you’re hoping to attract more potential buyers to your open house, here are three things to consider:

     1.     Set The Mood

The first thing you should do when holding an open house is set the mood. Home buyers will typically use most of their senses while touring an open house. Of course, you want to make sure that the overall visual appeal of the home is impressive, but you should also consider what potential buyers will smell, touch, and hear. Therefore, it’s important you prepare the property accordingly. Consider setting up fragrance diffusers or lighting candles prior to visitors entering.

To ensure the open house feels official, ensure you’ve set up marketing materials at the entrance, with printed information on hand visitors can take home. This collateral will typically contain all the technical aspects, such as sizes and a floor plan.

     2.     Offer An Incentive

Another way to get homebuyers to stop by or spend more time inspecting your home is to offer them something. This could be anything, from baked treats to goody bags. You could also stick around during the open house to chat to prospective buyers and teach them about the property. With any luck, these little touches will be intriguing and memorable for prospective buyers, potentially making them more interested in submitting an offer on the home. In order to attract the best buyers, make sure your home is worth the asking price and that it’s as close to perfect as possible.

     3.     Make Sure The House Has No Damage

It’s also important that you perform a home inspection prior to the open house. By taking the time to look around the property, you’ll ensure that everything inside and outside of the home is in good condition and there are no major issues. This will give the potential buyer peace of mind when they tour the home. If possible, it’s best to try and repair any issues identified prior to the open house, so as not to detract any possible buyers.


In addition to making sure that the open house goes well, you should also make sure that you follow up with your real estate agent, if you’re using one, and any potential homebuyers after the open house. By sending out a thank you message, asking questions and following up with phone calls, you’re showing that you care about selling the home. Remember, these people are facing one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives, so make certain you don’t push the sale of the property too much.

One issue with an open house is that it can be hard to tell how many seriously interested parties there are, and whether or not someone’s going to put in an offer. So, make sure that your home is worth the asking price, evaluate the location which the home is in, and whether it’s in need of repair. That way, you’ll be mitigating the chances of it not selling.

If you go through all of the necessary motions and are unable to secure a sale due to a lack of interested parties, you may need to consider a company like Offer House, who can take it off your hands as-is.



Although you may not have given it much thought before, an open house can be an excellent way to draw in prospective homebuyers. However, it can be difficult to pull off if you’re ill prepared and leave the house looking untidy. Prior to the big day, inspect your home for damage, clean up and ensure all furniture is arranged nicely, without clutter. Consider organizing an incentive for visitors, too, as this will make their inspection memorable. If all else fails, consider contacting a home-buying company who can take the place off your hands.

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