3 Reasons Why You Need To Fix Electrical Wiring Before Selling A House



When you’re planning to sell your house, there are certain repairs and improvements that you simply cannot do without. You may be pressured by time and other factors to get it over with, fast. But, some repairs are inevitable.


Going through repairs and other home improvements before you sell your home can help attract more interested buyers. You have to take note of the very fact that sellers today are getting even pickier. At the very least, these buyers are looking for homes, which are move-in ready.


Specifically, problems with your electrical wiring are something that you should never neglect.  When you have issues with your electrical wiring, you must get it fixed before you sell your home. Here are good reasons why:


1. Some Repairs Can Be Done So Easily


There are electrical problems that can be fixed easily. So, because you can perform these fixes yourself, it’s always a good idea to take care of these as soon as you can. It’s that added step of customer service for your potential buyers that’ll undoubtedly make all that difference in their convenience. Because you’ve already taken the time to address these electrical problems by yourself, your house buyers will no longer have to be bothered with it.


That said, here are some of the harmless electrical problems you should fix before selling your home:


      ●      Simple short circuit, where all you’ll have to do is to reset the breaker

      ●      Loose outlet plug, which can be solved by adding outlet shims until the outlet is flushed with the wall

      ●      Broken light switches, which is addressed by reassembling the light switch


When you look at the items listed above, they are indeed problems that don’t require electricians. But, while they’re minor, they are a cause for concern. When you come to think of it, will you ever want to live in a home with broken light switches? Here, the goal is to make your house as perfect as it should to your potential buyers.


2. To Prolong The Life Expectancy Of Your Electrical Components


The onset of frequent electrical surges is a problem that you’ll also have to solve before selling your home. Else, you’re selling a house with electrical components that are almost dead to a buyer. Unfortunately, when this does happen, it turns out to be something that needs a costly repair. If the home buyer is wily enough to discover these problems while still on the negotiation process, you can be guaranteed that these home buyers will walk away from your property.


For this problem, it’s best to have a professional electrician to help you out.


3. Some Electrical Problems Are Hazardous


You wouldn’t ever want to be the cause of a potential hazard in the lives of others. At the very least, as the home seller, it is your responsibility to sell a house in a good, safe, and livable condition. More so, if these electrical problems are those you’ve hidden from your buyers, you can even face liability for failing to disclose these defects.


Hence, even though addressing these electrical problems is going to entail so much more effort from your part, it’s one that you absolutely cannot do without performing. In so doing, you’re also saving yourself from any potential liability in the future.


Some of these hazardous electrical problems are the following:


      ●      Flickering or dimming lights. First, it begins as a minor problem with a poor connection. But later on, it can progress to eventual arcing and corroded connections. If left to prosper that way, the light itself could spark, overheat, and cause a fire.


      ●      Frequently tripping breakers. This is one of the telltale signs that your circuit is overloaded with problems in the knob and tube wiring, and you’re using too many electrical devices.


      ●      Frequent burning out of light bulbs. This can be a sign of a loose connection in your socket or circuit. This problem can also lead to overheating, which, in turn, may lead to a fire.


      ●      Warm outlets or switches. This is a serious electrical concern that should be fixed by a professional electrician.


      ●      Dead outlets. This is a sign of excessive heat buildup that may have also melted some wires in that particular outlet.




When it comes to electrical problems, safety is the most paramount concern. Don’t sell a house that’s still a hazard to others. Beyond just improving the salability of your home, you’re also lowering the risk of safety concern for buyers that also wish to have a safe home to live in. From minor problems to the most pressing of all electrical concerns, for the reasons enumerated above, you should now see that these are repairs you should not go without.


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