3 Crucial Steps to Take When Buying Property


You may be considering buying a new home or a vacation property. If so, you have undoubtedly already been overwhelmed by the myriad options, conflicting advice and estate agents that are just a little too eager. You might also be in the market for international property investments. If you have asked your estate agent about, say, daybreak condos for sale, daybreak Utah homes, or an exciting new development in the UK, it is almost a guarantee that they will try to talk you out of it.


Beyond the frustration of getting honest, professional advice is a list of considerations and steps to take. By this point in the process, it has all become so convoluted that you may decide to bail on the whole idea, which is why we have put together a concise list of crucial tips for you to use when you are in the market for property.


Question For Your Agent

The very first question you should ask your estate agent is where they are permitted to sell property, and what area they primarily work in. Your agent will try to persuade you to buy within their area of operations. Knowing whether this coincides with the area you are looking to purchase will inform your decision as to whether you are dealing with the right agent.


The second question to ask your agent is in regards to the sort of property they specialise in. If you are looking to purchase an urban loft and your agent primarily works with single title properties, they may not be adequately informed. With clarity on your agent’s expertise compared to your specific requirements, it is critical to discuss the mandate they hold on any property in question. An agent with a sole mandate will push the property more than they would an open mandate, as this is in their interest.


Legal Matters

It is the responsibility of an estate agent to disclose legal information regarding the purchase of a property with you. Some critical factors are often a standard consideration, hence are not uncovered with any great clarity.


It is essential to understand the nature of the title deed of a property before making any commitments. You may work from home, for example. In some cases, this means the property must be zoned accordingly. Most crucial are contractually enforced measures of recourse should you be in any way unsatisfied and faced with priorly undisclosed problems with your new property. Such documentation should include the testimony of disclosure and a clearly stated period of general warranty.


Prospective Valuation

Unless you are working with one of the few genuinely honest professionals in the industry, you will not get an accurate answer when querying the prospective value of a property. In this case, it is best to get at least two additional opinions. Some companies specialise in market valuation to whom you can turn.


A property’s value is not solely tied to the land and buildings. Location plays a more significant role in the future value of any real estate investment. The neighbourhood’s projected development and socioeconomic trajectory are critical. Many buyers opt for homes in upmarket areas such as daybreak homes or daybreak townhomes as they can be certain their decision will be an investment.


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