17 Packing hacks to make your move easier



Relocating can be stressful in the best of times. Packing up your home into boxes is one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of the entire process. Making sure that everything is securely packed and ready in time for the movers to collect it can be most frustrating.

We have compiled some tips which may seem insignificant on their own, but can prove to be humongous timesavers collectively when packing and unpacking.


  1. Prepare a handy basket with all the essential packing supplies like packing tape, scissors, markers and labels. Purchase more than you think you will need, because you will need more than you think. A basket will keep your supplies in one place and can easily be moved from one room to another.
  2. Organize your tools and hardware in plastic bags. They will be easier to pack if they’re already organized.
  3. Declutter before you start packing. Put aside the things you will not need in your new place.
  4. Host a yard sale. A yard sale is a great way to rid yourself of the things you no longer need. You might even make enough money to pay for some of the moving costs.
  5. Donate what you cannot sell.
  6. Notify everyone you need about your change of address.


  1. Pack a box with essential first day supplies like some paper plates, cups, plastic spoons and napkins so you can eat without having to unpack your dishes. It also saves you from washing up. The first day box should also contain soap, toilet paper, a pair of scissors, a box cutter, matches, instant coffee and maybe a few packaged snacks.
  2. Get smaller boxes for the contents of your drawers. Just dump them in and label accordingly.
  3. Use your table napkins, linen, or packing paper between your plates to provide a cushion. Your china will be less likely to chip or break that way.
  4. Put saran-wrap or cling film under the lid for shampoos, lotions and other toiletries. There is nothing worse than unpacking a box to find the contents doused in your favourite products.
  5. Use empty toilet paper rolls to organize wires and cables. You should also label the wires.
  6. While labelling your boxes, put down the room it belongs to on the top.
  7. Keep track of what you put in each box on an excel sheet or master list.
  8. When packing clothes, don’t take them off the hangers. Tie bunches of hangers together with rubber bands and use large garbage bags to cover them. Label the bag with who the clothes belong to if you’re part of a larger family.
  9. Pack your books in sturdy suitcases with wheels. Books are the heaviest of all belongings. Wheeled suitcases make them much easier to carry.
  10. Try to cushion and pad your boxes. Use linens, towels, or plastic grocery bags to cushion fragile breakables. Always pad the top with a towel otherwise contents may get crushed when the boxes are stacked.
  11. Use a small laundry basket to put essential appliances like your coffee maker and laptop. Carry this basket with you in your car so you can access it readily when you reach your new home.

Happy Moving!

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