13 Things You Need To Do Right Away After Moving Into Your New House



Now that you have come to your new house it is time to get organized and settled.


We understand moving into a new house is a difficult job but there are still many things you need to take care of right after you move in. Some of these tasks are related to security, house maintenance, and aesthetics. All of these are equally important and you should not overlook any of them.


Keeping all that in mind, we put together this list to help you complete everything you need to do after you move into a new house


1. Inspect and check the boxes

It is important to check right away and confirm whether you have received all your precious belongings. Grab your checklist and inspect all the labels to see if they match the list.


You necessarily don’t have to open up all the boxes right away because it’s likely that you are not going to need everything on the first day. Keep them stored away safely as we move on to our next point.


2. Set Up The Essentials First

Decide what furniture you need immediately and set them up first. You don’t have to unpack everything on the first day. The best thing to do is to set up important furniture and kitchen appliances that you cannot do without on the first night or on the first day.


Set up your bed and some seating arrangements for the living room and also take care of the kitchen. Also, do a little cleaning as you unpack. Clean the corners of the ceiling and the floor, use the best vacuum for stairs to clear out any dust and debris.


3. Set Up The Necessary Utilities

This is generally done even before the moving day but if you haven’t then get them up and running right away. The first thing you will need is running water and electricity. So, ensure these two along with gas, heating, cooling, and internet connection are set up as soon as you move in.


Contact the local waste disposal company and inform them to continue coming for routine garbage pickups.


4. Childproof The Place If Needed

If you have pets or little kids then you have to be extra careful while moving in. Make sure there are no hanging cords and double-check if all the doors and windows lock properly.


First, ensure a safe space for them and then start unpacking your stuff.  Make sure your kids or pets do not come in close contact with sharp objects.


It’s going to need a little more work if you have toddlers. Set up the crib and leave a lot of space in the room. Check and cover the power outlets and sockets. Check the stairs, kitchen, and bathroom for any kind of tripping hazards. If you find any, deal with it right away.


5. Check For Any Gas Leaks

After ensuring the checklist. Take a walk around the house and visit the kitchen. Look closely for any sort of gas leak. Even if your house has been inspected before, make sure to check it out again.


Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous so it’s always best to make sure things like that don’t happen.


6. Make Sure There Are No Roof Leakage

Speaking of leaks, check the roof and inside of the ceiling for any leaks. This step probably has been done before you even came but it’s safe to double-check.

Roof leakage can also cause the growth of mold and algae. It is better to keep things under control and give it a waterproof layer as soon as possible so you can rest assured.


7. Change The Locks

This should be one of your top priorities after you move in. It is vital to change all the locks of the home. First, thoroughly inspect all the rooms and the outside door locks. Check if all the windows and doors can be locked properly. If you see the slightest problem, change it immediately.


Safety always comes first and for more safety measures, install a few smoke detectors. This should be enough to keep you and your family safe.


8. Review The Carpentry In The Windows

Window frames are more important than you might think. Through windows, heat can escape during cold weather or enter during warm weather. If the window frame is damaged or there is bad woodworking then it is best to get it fixed within the first few days.


9. Change Light Bulbs And Check The Wiring

Call in an electrician to check and make sure if the entire wiring of the house has been done properly. It’s always best to rely on professionals for these things.


Also, if the house does not have energy-saving bulbs then change them right away. Use quality LED energy-saving bulbs if you don’t want your electricity bills to go through the roof.

10. Disinfect The Bathroom

In some cases, it may take months for new tenants to move in. Naturally in that case, all the rooms need to be cleaned. But bathrooms should be taken care of right after you move in.


Bathrooms need to be disinfected rather than cleaned. From the pieces and furniture to the ceramic joints, places where dirt accumulates. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire specialized cleaning companies.


11. Change The Address

This might be a little annoying for some but you have to let everyone know about your new address. But first, register your new address in the post office. That can easily be done online.


And speaking of online, you can let all your friends, family, and co-workers know about your new address by simply posting a status on social media. Just post that you have moved and put in your address that should take care of it for the most part.


If you have moved to a whole new state then you have to contact your motor vehicle department and let them know about your new whereabouts and finally let the bank or any loan providers know about your address.


12. Fill Your House With Memories

After all the inspecting, organizing, and contacting is done it still needs a little something. In order for your new house to become a home, it is important to fill it with objects that have personal attachments.


It is time to hang those photos and take out those decorations attached to all those happy memories


13. Meet The Neighbors

It takes a little time to get used to all the change and that is exactly why you should meet your neighbors to get adjusted in this new area and community.

When you are done completely unpacking, take a little break, and just go and greet your neighbors next door. It will be much easier to settle in once you know a few more people.


Final Thoughts

After going through all these steps it is only a matter of time before you completely settle in. Make sure you clear away all the junk and cardboard boxes once you have unpacked everything. Try to do all these things as soon as possible and make the most out of your new home.


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