10 Tips for Hiring the Best DC Movers for Your Next House Moving


10 Tips for Hiring the Best DC Movers for Your Next House Moving


Moving to a new house in Washington, DC can be both an exciting and daunting task. It’s exciting because you’ll get to enjoy the growing agricultural economy and a variety of industries. However, it’s daunting because you have several tasks to accomplish before the moving day.


For instance, considering a large number of moves in Washington DC every year, making a DIY move may not be as successful as it should be. Whether you’re moving internationally or locally, you probably need the assistance of reliable movers to make the process smoother and faster. If you’ve decided to use professionals for your Washington DC move, make sure they’re the best. 


Read on to learn the 10 tips for hiring the best DC movers for your next house moving.


1.     Get Some Referrals


The people you know may have moved to a new house at least once in their lives. That said, it’s best to ask your family and friends if they can refer you to a moving company. Take note that their recommendation is valuable when deciding which movers to hire or not.


2.     Do Background Checks


Finding the perfect moving company isn’t easy. With several professionals in the industry, doing background checks can make sure you’ll get the right one that suits your needs. When you perform some background checks, below are the things you need to do to help you find the appropriate moving company for your needs.


      Know their valuable experience and good track record. The number of years they have been in the business will show their ability to deliver quality moving services.


      Check if they have an active license to operate as a DC moving company. Having a license means they have the expertise and training required to provide the best moving services.

If you want to back up your background checks with other relevant information about the moving companies in DC, do online research now. Most movers like the ones you can find in alln1stopmoving.com have websites that you can always visit to gather some information


3.     Check Some Reviews Online


Be sure to check some reviews online to know how great a moving company is. Many websites and social media platforms provide you with the opportunity to know other people’s experiences with your prospective movers. If you read some reviews on the web, you’ll be able to make a worthwhile hiring decision. 


4.     Get References From Movers


To hire the best moving company, you should get a list of references from your prospective movers. Speak to them and ask for the names of their customers who have hired them in the past few months. Once you have the list, contact those customers and ask them about their experiences with the moving company.



5.     Be Familiar With Their Specialty Experience


Sometimes, you need to know what sort of specialty experience your prospective movers have to ensure the success of your relocation. Ask them if they’ve moved to high-rise buildings and used elevators while moving. Typically, movers who are experts in high-rise moving will get additional manpower and equipment to get the job done.


6.     Ask For Written Estimates


When hiring the best moving professionals, always request for a firm written estimate. Most companies will provide estimates after a home inspection. When they’re at your home, show them everything so they can take note of every detail to be included in the quote. Remember, having a price estimate allows you to compare movers and choose the right one.


7.     Beware Of Any Additional Fees


Be careful about any additional fees your moving company may charge. If you’re moving to a high-rise apartment, they’ll more likely charge you with some fees for using the stairs and elevators. To avoid surprises later on, be sure to ask your mover about any fees that may be charged depending on your situation.


8.     Ask For A Written Contract


Don’t ever sign a blank contract when hiring the best DC movers. If possible, get everything in writing, including the fees, pick-up, and delivery dates. Don’t forget to read and understand the fine print. If you can ask for an inventory of all your belongings, the better. By having a written contract in place, you can easily file a claim in case something terrible happens to your belongings.


Thus, consider a moving company that provides a written contract before hiring anyone for your relocation.


9.     Know The Company’s Insurance Options


Another vital aspect of moving home is the insurance options your prospective company provides. Before hiring the best movers, be familiar with the kind of insurance they provide in case of loss or damage to your belongings.


By asking the company for insurance coverage, you’ll know whether there’s a need to purchase other options from your insurance agent.


10.  Be Aware Of The Signs Of A Bad Mover


Another way of getting the best DC movers is to know what signs of a bad mover are. By knowing these things, you can quickly identify a reliable company from the bad ones. Typically, below are the signs you need to be wary of:


      The mover asks for a large deposit before the moving day.

      The mover refuses to give a written price estimate

      The website has no information about the company’s license and other essential information.

      The mover fails to provide a booklet that federal regulations require them to give to their customers.

      The mover doesn’t use a company-owned moving truck on a moving day.




Follow the tips mentioned above if you’re hiring the best DC movers for your next house moving. Considering the number of tasks that need to be done, preparation is the key to successful household relocation. Above all, if you feel something is wrong about the company, don’t hesitate to listen to your instincts.


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