Top Attractions in Singapore that You Can Enjoy Being a Permanent Resident


Singapore is a small country, yet a modern metropolitan hub that is intelligently planned and nestled in its natural landscape. The country’s tropical climate, lush green natural landscape and ultra-modern attractions and vibe have made it emerge as the Asian tourist hotspot. The country’s size did not deter it from offering all that it can to become an ideal tourist place for people from all across the world.

Other than offering enthralling attractions and entertainment options, Singapore boosts genius infrastructure and exceptionally well-managed systems that make tourists and immigrants feel at home. Although most people immigrate to Singapore in order to benefit from the lifestyle and career opportunities that it offers, if you are an entertainment junkie, you can get an edge and enjoy some of the best attractions in Singapore at phenomenal rates if you have Singapore Permanent Residency. Many attractions in Singapore offer benefits such as a free entrance or subsidized annual passes for local residents. Here are some of the top attractions that you can enjoy all year round being a Singapore resident.


Sentosa is not only Singapore’s landmark attraction but also one of the most premium tourist attraction in Asia that has something to offer for every age group. It is essentially an island resort that houses a world of various different attractions to choose from. Although Sentosa itself is a tourist magnet as many international tourists head to Singapore just to visit this amazing amusement attraction, it is an equally exciting getaway for local residents who are looking for some respite and relaxation within the country. Entertainment options within Sentosa are endless.

From the best shopping and dining options to exquisite resorts and spas to theme parks, beaches, shows and much more, there is hardly anything that you will not find in Sentosa. Individually, tourists find Sentosa fairly expensive to spend a day or two. However, if you are a local resident, you can get an annual pass to the island which is valid all year round for the prices and comes along with special vouchers to a number of attractions inside the park. This means that you can enjoy Sentosa as many times as you want throughout the year without buying an expensive pass every time you want to enjoy on the island.

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore’s latest landmark attraction, Gardens by the Bay is known for its architectural genius and sheer beauty all around the world. Tourists from across the world who travel Singapore make sure that they make a stopover at this genius blend of modern architecture and nature. This nature park has a number of Garden observatory and is particularly famous for its gorgeous supertrees. The park has special discounts on entrance fee for local residents.

Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari


Singapore is known for some of the best zoo and safaris and animal observatories in Asia. Singapore’s night safari is a famous attraction among most international tourists. Certain categories of local residents such as senior citizens can enjoy these attractions at special discounts.

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