CrossCountry: Worldly Outdoor Kitchens that Inspire


Across the world, there are a number of different architectures, each with its own style and atmosphere. In Spain, things are light and airy to accommodate leather weather, while in the United Kingdom, designs might be more garden in nature. When it comes to planning your next outdoor kitchen, you aren’t limited solely to the designs of your hometown. Broaden your design prowess by choosing elements from one or all of these worldly outdoor kitchens.

Spanish Outdoor Kitchens

A typical outdoor kitchen in Spain is rustic and open. Because Spain usually has good weather, there’s often not a need for a fully enclosed roof or doors. Colors are usually bright and warm, especially when it comes to tile. Red terracotta tilefloors interspersed with colorful accents are a must. You can also use this as a backsplash behind appliances for an added touch. 

When it comes to pergolas and awnings, the more curves and arches, the better. Finally, the juxtaposition of dark wood for countertops and iron work for furniture really pulls all elements of a Spanish outdoor kitchen together.

American Outdoor Kitchens


While barbecuing in other cultures is important, it’s not nearly the focal point of a meal as it is with Americans. Therefore, American outdoor kitchens tend to focus on unique barbecue islands that allow hosts to interact with guests while cooking. You can choose from natural stone barbecues, capri barbecues, or design your own barbecue

Also big right now in the United States are white subway tile juxtaposed with whitewashed wood. Use exposed wooden beams to create an awning, and even install a modern fan to help circulate air. 

Asian Outdoor Kitchens

Barbecue is a big part of Asian culture, meaning that these people take pride in their outdoor kitchens. Traditional Central Asian styling prominently features tiled arches and brick, as wood and stone materials weren’t available to this area in the past. One exception to this is the pergola, which is an essential wooden roof above your cooking space. 


Often, Asian kitchens tend to invoke the environment with a flourish of natural touches, including waterfalls, gardens, and other flora. Not only will these accents add aesthetic value to your home, but they’ll make your space peaceful and relaxing when hosting dinner parties or summer get-togethers.

British Outdoor Kitchens

The United Kingdom isn’t exactly renowned for its great weather, so outdoor kitchens here tend to be a bit heavier in style than their warmer counterparts. They might be built of brick or stonewalls and feature paved floors. In some homes, the brutalist style of architecture is popular, which combines exposed concrete with modern extravagances.


An outdoor kitchen wouldn’t be British without an accompanying garden or green space. Usually, this surrounds the stove or barbecue and gives guests a place to wander when they are finished eating. 

By adding on an outdoor kitchen to your home in one of these styles, you’ll be able to create a space that’s different than every other cookie-cutter outdoor cooking space. These designs can increase the value of your home and make it a place you look forward to spending time in.

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