6 Helpful Tips For Your Sevilla Travel


Sevilla is the gem of Andalucia. If you head down to this colorful region of Spain, then this city is a must-visit. People love it for the colorful vibes, that are present in each corner of the city. Step by step, you can discover the most amazing architecture that is unique for this region. Also, you will experience the magic of the flamenco dance. And let’s not forget about the tasty tapas and Sangria that will mark your evenings. As you wander the streets of Seville, you will be surprised to find out that it is a mix of Spain And Morroco. If you are packing your suitcase for sunny Andalucia, you should have these helpful tips for your Sevilla travel on your mind!

Visit El Alcazar Real

This is a must have for everyone that decided to discover the beauty of Sevilla. El Alcazar Real is a royal Moorish palace that will impress you with the beauty. It is known that the Moors have lived in Andalucia, so they left their priceless heritage here. Each city in this region has a palace of this kind, such as the Alhambra in Granada and Alcazaba in Malaga. But, El Alcazar Real is considered to be the most beautiful one.

However, keep in mind that it is a very popular touristic spot. Buy your tickets ahead, so that you won’t have to stand up in the long queue.

Wander Around Plaza de España

This is the most stunning plaza that you will ever find. It looks more like an ancient castle, with a large park. This is definitely an Instagram-worthy spot, so make sure that you don’t miss it.

If you want to go on a private tour while in Seville, check up on these tours with locals. You will have the chance to experience the city like a local. The best thing is that you will save some precious time planning your itinerary. The prices are convenient as well, so make sure that you check to see if it fits your specific budget.

Enjoy The Food And Drinks

The foods of Sevilla will amaze you for sure, so hurry up and get to the streets full of bars. Here, you can enjoy some of the best local flavors. You will be offered a cold glass of refreshing Sangria. But, don’t forget to ask for “tinto de verano” as this is the most popular drink with locals. It is basically red wine mixed with soda. It is a cheaper alternative to the famous Sangria, so don’t miss trying that one too. There are so many bars, where you can find cheap Cerveza as well.

When in Spain, you should not miss eating lots of tapas. In the evening, the city feels so alive as there are lots of people in the bars sipping in wine and tasting some appetizers. You will be surprised to find out that the Spanish people love to share their food. Usually, tapas come in a serving for two.

Admire Cathedral de Sevilla

This mesmerizing cathedral is known for being one of the largest in the world. Although it is beautiful on the outside, take some time to admire the interior as well. This church is very important because of Christopher Columbus tomb. A single ticket would cost you 9 euros, so make sure that you purchase it ahead to skip the line.

Take Some Instagram-Worthy Photos At El Metrosol Parasol

This is one of the things that Sevilla is popular for. El Metrosol Parasol is the largest wooden structure in the world. And this is definitely a must-see touristic spot. As a result of that, there will be too many people around. To avoid the crowd and make sure that you take the best Instagram shots, go there in the afternoon. Also, you will b surprised to find out that the most beautiful sunsets can be seen from here.


See A Flamenco Show

One of the top experiences in Sevilla is a flamenco show. There are lots of show highly popular with tourists, so you will find the perfect one. Flamenco is a mix of rhythm, dance, and beautiful ladies dressed in red. This is the best way to experience Spain at its finest.

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