3 Reasons Why Toronto Luxury Suites Are Better for Short-Term Rentals Than Airbnb



Whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation, Toronto is one of Canada’s most striking cities. But the quality of your stay in this country’s largest metropolis rests heavily on your choice of accommodations. Especially now, with the COVID-19 crisis still unfolding, choosing the right place to stay concerns not just your comfort, but your health and safety as well.


Do your priorities for renting include a reliable company, rigid standards for cleanliness, and a luxurious stay? Here are three reasons why renting with Airbnb is less than ideal.

1. Airbnbs: A Hit or Miss When It Comes to Cleanliness 

Airbnb travellers have been complaining about cleanliness long before the outbreak of COVID-19. Whether it’s a grimy bathtub or hair between the sheets, guests have no way of knowing beforehand whether their temporary living quarters will be as hygienic as they’re expecting.


Without standards for sanitization and room-by-room instructions, both hosts and travellers using Airbnb are forced to rely on guesswork. And when COVID-19 entered the picture, so did severe risks to guests’ health and safety. In the current era of face masks and hand sanitizer, staying anywhere without strict sanitization standards isn’t worth the potential consequences.

2. Customers Are at the Mercy of Their Host

Whether or not you have a clean place to stay shouldn’t be left up to chance. Remember, the more hosts using Airbnb to turn their spare rooms into extra cash, the more money Airbnb makes. It’s in the interest of a global company worth $35 billion to favour its hosts, lowering restrictions on owners and raising the number of Airbnb properties on the market.


With the pandemic at its peak, don’t rely on sheer luck—especially when the worst-case scenario is no longer just misleading photos and missing amenities, but increased risk of catching a virus which has proved itself both highly contagious and deadly. Arrange accommodations with a rental company you can trust.

3. Airbnb’s Frustrating Policies and Lack of Customer Support

Recently, complaints regarding Airbnb’s COVID-related cancellation and refund policies have flooded Twitter. People are using #Airbnbrefundnow to vent about the unnecessary obstacles in the way of full refunds. In particular, the company is asking for screenshots of government sites, letters from employers, and proof that guests’ transportation has been cancelled—among other hoops to jump through—before permitting reimbursement.


When it comes to customer support, Airbnb has left much to be desired. Hosts and customers alike have complained about ridiculously long call wait times and online chat features that yield no response.

Toronto Luxury Suites: A Safer Short-Term Rental Option 

To enjoy your stay in Toronto from start to finish, consider renting a furnished luxury suite nestled in the heart of the city. A high-quality and well-equipped condo is the perfect solution for business executives, healthcare workers, and vacationers alike, offering all the essentials for a safe and enjoyable visit.


Toronto Luxury Suites adhere to uncompromising standards for cleanliness, ensuring all short term rentals are thoroughly disinfected and safe to live in—however long your stay. Located in the most elite neighbourhoods of the city, guests experience world-class amenities while remaining within walking distance from Toronto’s most famous attractions. In an emergency, around-the-clock security personnel and on-call managers are ready to assist you.


When it comes to travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic, your health and safety should be the number one priority. Before the pandemic—and in best-case scenarios—trusting an unreliable Airbnb host was frustrating, resulting in unexpected fees and failed expectations. At worst, guests dealt with fake listings, falsified damage, or even a missing host. But with COVID-19 in the picture, the risks far outweigh the potential benefits.


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