What are some of the Best Ways to add Value to your Home?



Property is an investment that’s attractive to most of us. It’s something that tends to appreciate over time, while providing tremendous utility to the people who live in it. By investing in a few choice home improvements, you might dramatically improve the quality of your domestic life. Moreover, you might find that spending a little money now will allow you to recoup a larger fee when you eventually come to sell.

Before you make such an investment, however, it’s worth thinking about exactly where you’ll get the greatest return on your investment. Let’s assess a few candidates.

Loft conversion

Lofts are traditionally restricted to serving as storage space. But if you’re willing to do a little bit of renovation, you can turn them into serviceable living spaces, thereby increasing the effective floorspace in your home. This might allow you to install an extra bedroom, some office space, or a home studio.

To make your loft habitable, you’ll need appropriate insulation installed into the roof itself. This tends to mean thinner and more expensive insulation. You’ll then need to plaster and decorate in much the same way you would in any other room. Don’t forget also that you’ll need a staircase leading right up to the top. While this might seem like a major investment, the increase in value can often be worth it.

Roof refurbishment

The roof of your home might have had to weather serious wear-and-tear over the years. It might therefore be worth thinking about whether you’re due repairs or a replacement. Being proactive about this will allow you to avoid leaks and the associated problems. If you’re carrying out major roof renovations, then installing a dry ridge system might be worthwhile.

The kitchen

From the point of view of a potential buyer, the kitchen might well be the most important room in the modern home. It’s a place where food is prepared and consumed, where guests are entertained, and where general relaxation might be done. 

Investing a little in your kitchen, ensuring that it’s clean and glossy, will impress potential tenants and buyers. This might mean getting the tiling refreshed, painting the cabinets, or swapping out handles and other hardware.

Go open-plan

Modern homes tend to favour layouts with fewer walls. This way, you can achieve a sense of space that might be lacking when you have many enclosed rooms. Knocking down the boundary between the kitchen and dining room, or the dining room and lounge, or some combination of all three, can help you to achieve that all-important feeling of spaciousness.

Knocking down walls might be made more complex when those walls are load bearing. Make sure that you know what you’re doing before you get started!

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