Want to sell your home? Advices you need to know



Any residential property is not put up for sale without careful preparation, especially if it is a private structure. How to sell a house in the U.S. profitable? The question that we will try to deal with in this material. But if you want to do it fast, profitable, without any risks do not neglect the help of professionals like christianhomebuyers.com. A team of professionals will always be able to buy your home.

Costs of selling real estate in the U.S.

The seller is always concerned about how much “net” money he will get from the sale. Possible costs on the part of the seller:

        –        Brokerage. The amount of commission is always discussed directly with the realtor and is set on a contractual basis. There is no average amount of commission, it can be either 3% or 7% of the property value. How you agree and what kind of package you get. From just listing on the MLS to a full package with a professional photo portfolio, media advertising, and open houses;

        –        Listing costs without a realtor (see advertising and marketing);

        –        Mortgage payoff amount;

        –        Real-estate attorney. The lawyer’s job is to review and prepare all the documents of the deal. They cost about $300 to $500;

        –        Home appraisal. Not a necessary expense on the part of the seller to determine the market value of the property;

        –        Some closing costs (tax proration)

        –        Income tax (state law, if you are an investor and the property is resold more than a year after purchase, you will pay income tax)

        –        Utility payments, etc. at the time of sale;

        –        Pre-sale preparation costs (remodeling/cleaning);

        –        Other expenses by agreement with buyers (with few exceptions, the seller can absorb some of the buyer’s expenses).

How to sell a house quickly and expensively through an advertisement

It’s easy to sell your house fast when working with a reputable homebuyer like sdhouseguys.com. Of course, you want to make sure your ads to homebuyers are clear and concise.Information about the sale should contain all the main data about the house, note important details.

        –        Come up with a headline describing the house so you stand out from the competition.

        –        Take pictures. Experienced realtors, talking about how to sell a house quickly, know that detailed and precise photos are considered the best aids in attracting a buyer.

        –        Describe the home. A potential buyer should get all the information about the property. For example, be sure to include data such as the number of rooms, total area, bathroom features, quality of repair, the size of the lot adjacent to the house, the presence of additional structures.

        –        Specify the cost that corresponds to the real estate market trends.

        –        Place your ad on a well-known resource. You can also post your ad on popular social networks.

How to sell a house: Secrets

Practice shows that most buyers are not looking for a home that you can’t move in and live in immediately after the deal. If you are thinking about how to sell a house quickly, advice from most experts will boil down to one thing – you need thorough and step-by-step preparation for the sale.

Step-by-step preparation of the house:

        ●        Clear the house of junk. Arrange a general dismantling of all things, tools, and building materials that are not used. You can sell them, take them with you, or throw them away.

        ●        Make repairs. This can be major or surface repairs, depending on the condition of the home. If the home is in excellent condition, look at the windows and doors, ensuring they are intact, and there are no cracks or other imperfections.

        ●        Arrange for general cleaning. Before you sell your house fast, you should clean all the rooms. You can do it yourself or hire a cleaning company.

        ●        Check the lighting – outdoors, in utility rooms and living areas, assess the condition of chandeliers.

        ●        Tidy up the place where the animals live – no smells, toys, or other traces of their stay should be present.

Thus, before you successfully sell the house, organize the work on its preparation, then the value can be raised and get more from the sale.

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